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{ Monthly Archives } May 2005

Soundtrack to the semester’s end

All those years wasted…

Manipulating Logic

Now there’s an idea!

Enterprising screenwriters take note: premise for a zombie movie: But university officials say all that’s not true. They had no role in acquiring the bodies, they’re receiving no money. In fact, they never heard of this body show until contacted by the I-Team. We’ve learned that Perner was able to get bodies meant for medical […]

Channeling Josh

…finds a use for things.

Fear breeds … money?

I forgot we had this

Star Wars craziness

You had to know I was a Star Wars geek, right? When the last two movies came out, I saw them both on opening night. I saw the Phantom Menace at a theater in Minnesota that boasted a perfect score on Lucasfilm’s THX test (one of only 7 in the country, at the time). I […]

Junk music


Night Life: A compilation

The Cold Eye of Sauron

So I read yesterday in slashdot that a group of Federal scientists could hack a WEP encryption in three minutes. (WEP is the standard encryption mode for wireless networks.) If the Feds are willing to advertise that they can crack it in three minutes, how long do you think it takes black-hats? I figured that […]

Of All the Cockamamie …

Mid May Music