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{ Monthly Archives } September 2005

No One Lives Forever

The Namesakes series

The future is now (or) Sharks with Friggin Lasers

Random thoughts about ‘Saw’

Spoiler Alert! I’m gonna write about the plot of this movie and reveal bits of what happened, even the end! Turn back now! Clowns are Scary “It’s Seven, with a hint of Cube and The Most Dangerous Game.” Clowns are almost always scary. It’s not clear to me how the killer decides who to kill, […]

Remember Sammy Jenkis (1)

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Memento, you might not want to read this post, as I’ll probably reveal stuff about the film you don’t want to know. I just watched Memento with my students and am thinking about it a bit. Obviously, the structure of the film brings the loop to the forefront, something […]

5th sentence

On the way to work today…

Orderly mp3-ing progresses apace


TiVo Fracas Roundup

Yesterday, the internet was a-flurry with rumors that TiVo was implementing a copy-protection scheme that would prevent users from keeping shows beyond a certain point: I recently got a sample of Tivo DRM, accidentally I suspect. Recently a Simpson’s rerun recorded with a red-flag next to it (an icon I’ve never seen before). When I […]

That was predictable

Incoming Cleese!

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