Random thoughts about ‘Saw’

Spoiler Alert! I’m gonna write about the plot of this movie and reveal bits of what happened, even the end! Turn back now!
Clowns are scary

Clowns are Scary

  • “It’s Seven, with a hint of Cube and The Most Dangerous Game.”
  • Clowns are almost always scary.
  • It’s not clear to me how the killer decides who to kill, or why they have to be killed the way they were. One of the brilliant moves Seven makes is to unite form with function. Here, the violent deaths only tangentially relate to the people they’re inflicted upon.

  • I love the end reveal that the doofus orderly whom we thought to be the killer is, in fact, another victim.
  • This killer’s motivations are pretty obscure. Apparently, since he has a terminal disease, he’s found a new appreciation for life and wants to share that by killing other people. Huh.
  • 20050924-saw3.jpgThe old canard that, in a mystery, a gun on stage must be used in the third act plays out here. The hacksaw at the beginning MUST be used by the end of the film. Otherwise that teaser poster would be pretty lame.
  • Why doesn’t the doctor know how to tie a tourniquet? What a doofus.
  • Can someone explain to me what Adam’s “task” was in all this? Is he just screwed? The others all have to do something to survive, but I couldn’t figure out what he had to do.

Forgotten medical training

I wish I’d remembered my medical training!