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{ Monthly Archives } October 2005

Hobarthy Collages (1)

Hand of Fate

Kiss and Tell (September)

The Long-Awaited ‘Serenity’ Post

I’m a Whedon fan, of course, but I missed the Firefly boat the first time around. Since the movie was coming out, Jenny and I zipped our way through the series and finally saw the film. Whoo. I have a few thoughts, but they’re below the fold because they’re spoiler-tastic. For those of you who’d […]

5 minute break

Enjoyable Moments in TV Dialog 4

After I wrote the last entry, I thought I was done, but Jenny and I finally finished watching Firefly on DVD and I couldn’t resist one more: Wash: You think she’s a psychic? That’s wild. Like something straight out of science fiction. Zoe: You live in a spaceship, dear. Wash: So? Nice. We both noticed […]

Enjoyable Moments in TV Dialog 3 (Reality TV edition!)

From the Amazing Race: “Drive yourself to Washington D.C. Where’s that?” “In Washington state?” “A hangar is an airplane.” “No it’s not. It’s a place to park airplanes.” And my favorite, reading from the clue about riding in a NASA gravity simulator: Who wants to pull three G.I.s?

Enjoyable moments in TV dialog 2

From Threshold: Molly: [Responding to Arthur’s come-on.] No, that’s not what I meant. I need your language skills. Arthur: Your loss. Very well, how can I be your linguistic beeyotch?

Divers beware

Enjoyable moments in TV dialog

From Numb3rs Charlie: …Which is the exact same math used in sundials. Agent Sinclair, you are in luck. You happen to be in the presence of two card-carrying members of the North American Sundial Society. Sinclair: Let the good times roll.

The messy business of dead bodies

How to email a professor

Spam Poetry

The Ghosts of Photostitching

Merchants of Cool

My favorite moments from Merchants of Cool: “That’s when it hit me. Pop culture and youth culture work like a giant feedback loop.” What a lame-o eureka moment. I thought the whole movie spent its time saying this. Example of a group that couldn’t get their little indie record on TRL: “Joe Fabulous.” That’s awesome. […]