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How to email a professor

This isn’t strictly writing pedantry, but I think it’s good advice. Orange Crate Art advises the following ‘rules’ for writing to professors via email:

  • Write from your college or university e-mail account.

  • Include the course number in your subject line.

  • Think about what you’re saying:

    • Choose an appropriate greeting.

    • Avoid rote apologies for missing class.

    • Avoid Make direct requests.

    • Proofread what you’ve written.

    • Sign with your full name, course number, and meeting time.

  • Don’t send unexpected attachments.

  • When you get a reply, say thanks.

For me, the attachments one isn’t so key–I ask students to send me a lot of stuff by email, so that’s okay. I also don’t mind direct requests, but phrasing them politely is nice.

Found via Lifehacker