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{ Monthly Archives } March 2006


Discovering the world

Stereotypes (not) overturned

Jenny and I are connoisseurs of made-for-tv mystery movies. Last night we watched Hallmark’s most recent McBride mystery—a Perry Mason clone about a defense attorney. While the show makes for some entertaining moments, it also has some really bad moments. In particular, the show follows many of the cheesiest TV formulae, particularly with regard to […]



45 minutes

Where are my damn flying cars?

I get email from all the famous people

Here’s an old post I found saved somewhere when I ported the stuff from blog 2.   I understand why Freud would sell viagra, but what’s Gene Simmons doing selling Windows XP?


A Year’s worth of movies

The ease with which you can click “ADD” leads to travesties like this. My personal queue (does not include Jenny’s movies or our Joint queue) is now unbelievably long. The chances that I’ll get to see Jackie Brown: Collector’s edition, the current bottom-of-the-queue movie, in 2006 are so slim as to be laughable.

TV intake and commentary

NOTE: since I TiVo and get behind, some of these observations are late in coming. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with The Office. My cousins visited last week and we watched a couple episodes (of the British one). I had to fight the urge to re-watch the entire series again. Tim’s resigned depression is […]