More Self Referential Buffoonery

As you all know, I can’t get enough of the Gary Shandlingesque self-referentiality on Boston Legal. Thus, we end the season with one more brilliant moment:

ALLAN: Here’s to America the Beautiful… And to another great season.

DENNY: On the same night?

ALLAN: God, I hope so.


I went to Old Ascalon and All I Got were these lousy Screenshots

I’ve been playing a bit of Guild Wars lately…

A Yak!

Me and a Yak

We were supposed to rescue this girl

We were supposed to rescue this girl and it turns out she’s dead. At right: Thedrellum.

Kinda like holding up a fish

The closest I have to one of those photos of someone holding up a fish they just caught.

Spam crazy

I’ve had a recent spamstorm of dozens each day, so I’ve temporarily disabled comments. I hope to bring them back soon, but we’ll see.


In Blazing Saddles, the governor makes a statement and his cabinet agrees with him by Harrumphing. He notices that one of the cabinet sat silently:

Gov [pointing]: I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy.

Hedly Lamarr: Give the governor a harrumph.

Cabinet member [fearfully]: harrumph!

Since seeing that film, I’ve used “Harrumph” to agree with proclamations.