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{ Monthly Archives } October 2006

I finally understand a joke

I’ve finally seen an Abbott and Costello movie, and I loved it. In part, I loved it because it was featured on a Chicago-area program called Svengoolie, which is produced in the style of the old horror-feature flicks with silly hosts and cheesey interludes. Some comments: At one point, Svengoolie does a music video about […]


For those of you who watch Amazing Race, you know that few teams go out of their way to help other teams, and even fewer do when it could cost them the race. The Cho brothers, Erwen and Godwin, put their own team on the line tonight to help the Kentuckians, and they still survived […]

Inspectors, or Serendipity

Two anecdotes: When my inlaws stayed with us for the first time in our new house, we discovered that the basement bathroom didn’t, in fact, work. The toilet drained really slowly and, alas, backed up and overflowed. Everyone was upset, annoyed, and embarassed. I managed, in my buffoonery, to break the ceramic top of the […]

Jon Stewart and John Ashcroft

Would that all pundits were as accomodating to debate as Stewart is. Compare Stewart’s reasonable (yet not hesitant) critical questions with loudmouths like Bill O’Reilly’s abusive attacks on his guests. People who don’t watch the Daily Show and wonder why it carries the approval of so many? This is why.

Brand names

Why do comic strip authors regularly forego brand names for transparent substitutes of brand names? I know that trademarked words and phrases are legally protected in some way, but I thought they were protected against competitive use — use that might result in consumers mistaking the product mentioned for the trademarked product. Like if I […]

Mmmmmmm. Candy.

The best part about my walk home is that I pass within one hundred feet or so of the Ferrara Pan Candy company. Mmmm, my walk home smells like Red Hots.

Two thoughts on SAW2

I watched Saw II yesterday. It’s strange that this film came up on my netflix queue just before the third film in the series came out. Anyhow, I had a couple thoughts about it. The second is below the fold because it has, gasp, spoilers. “Horror” movies: My favorite horror movies have always been the […]

The oddity of Facebook “Wall” conversations

Facebook creates the situation in which you can easily see one half of someone’s conversation, much like a written cellphone chat. I’m fairly new to Facebook (and only use it when my students contact me that way), but it seems like a common way to communicate is to write on someone’s wall. The wall is […]

Horse Theater

Jenny and I went to the Noble Horse Theater last night to partake in the vanishing “Equestrian Art”.  We saw the legend of sleepy hollow, as told on horseback.  Varyingly amusing and astounding (the “trick riding competition” stood tall above the other parts of the play), we spent a fair amount of time wondering a […]

On City Heat

Jenny and I watched the 1980’s “comedy” noir film City Heat last night — I’d rather not explain the circumstances that led us to that low end — and afterward watched the theatrical trailer. I’ve long thought trailers leave too little to the imagination, but this b movie entry reminds me just how far we’ve […]

On the last few minutes of Munich

Please note, this post reflects on the last couple minutes of the recent Spielberg movie Munich, so if you haven’t seen it, be warned. Please note, however, that the movie doesn’t operate with a high enough level of suspense or surprise that my commentary will ‘ruin’ your movie. So the film ends with the main […]

New blog, new engine

Columbia’s faculty server, my generous host here at Digital Sextant, has gone to WordPress for its blogging platform. I’ve long enjoyed and admired WP in other contexts, so now I get to try it myself. Stay tuned in coming days for exciting developments here at your favorite rhet/ comp/ media/ culture/ effluvia blog with a […]