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{ Monthly Archives } February 2007

I love the interwebs

I read Consumerist.com regularly and enjoy their war on bad consumer practices. I also enjoy their defence of our rights as producers and consumers. Imagine how happy I was, then, to find that they’d used one of my flickr Creative Commons images on their blog. In case your imagination’s stale: I was very pleased.


By Isaac Asimov I read this book years ago, but was pleased to re-“read” it in audiobook form as the first of my “I got an iPod so I’m gonna listen me boatloads of audiobooks” project. Not a lot to say, but it occurs to me that Foundation did what the Star Wars sextet was […]

Die You Zombie Bastards!

I Netflixed it on the strength of its title, and wasn’t surprised to find that its entire strength was its title.  This film stretched even my innate love of bad movies, and only the earnest over-acting kept me watching.  Don’t rent this movie.  In case you didn’t see the description in the sidebar, here’s the […]

City of Glass

I haven’t read any of the criticism of this book yet, and I’ve only read it once, but Paul Auster’s City of Glass is amazing. I’m strongly looking forward to re-reading it, but I think I need to read Don Quixote first. Thesis: in the book, the doppleganger of Auster suggests that Cervantes was recording […]


Woot! I’m famous.

Pop quiz, hot shot. What would YOU DO?

Two conundrums (conundra?): 1. My website hosting service comes with an obscene amount of storage and bandwidth. So I’ve been thinking that I’d like to put some of that toward a good cause. What cause(s) would you support? How? 2. My webcam is producing an image every 5 minutes. I feel like it would be […]

On fatherhood, exercise, and telephones

Amusing incident 1: Avery likes anything technological.  She loves remote controls and telephones–particularly our cordless phone.  She loves the bleep-bloop sounds it makes when she presses the buttons.  Alas, our phone has caller id and a memory, so sometimes the right combinations of bleeps and bloops calls someone.  Yesterday, I heard the phone making noises […]

Three songs…

…I like with more passion than I can understand. 1. “Into my arms” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, from the Zero Effect sound track. Haunting and melodious in a way that gets me every time. Plus, what a great opening stanza: I don’t believe in an interventionist God But I know darling that […]

Book 2

A collaborative book. My favorite part is what they don’t want it to become…


I think I will experiment with blogumentary as a form of research writing for my Composition 2 students to try out next year.  I googled the term and find it in use, but I’m interested in using my own definition.  I’ll consider what a documentary should be and must be, and how a blog (often […]


Jenny and I watched Brick on Tuesday night.  Its rapid patter and style reminded me of Miller’s Crossing and, as was intended, noir’s heyday.  Most amusing was its rendering of the secret lives of teenagers, the hilarious disconnect between the fast-talking drug dealers and shady characters in the seedy, 70’s-paneled basement of a California bungalow […]