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{ Monthly Archives } April 2007

Equal Rites

by Terry Pratchett I got to talking about Pratchett with one of my students last week, and since I he came up earlier this year here on Digital Sextant, I thought I’d read the next in the Discworld series. I thought Equal Rites was good, enjoyable, a quick read, but not Earth shattering.  I enjoyed […]

Overheard today

“Drinking kills brain cells, so you shouldn’t do it.  Why not just enjoy a nice game of Scrabble? No, Boggle.” “Not conscience, you mean to write conscious.  Conscience is Jimminy Crickett.”

In Cold Blood

by Truman Capote Other than the fact that this book has a long and well-renowned history, I knew nothing about it. As expected, it’s brilliantly written, giving a sense of the murderers without making them overly sympathetic, giving emotional, moving descriptions of the murdered family and the effect the Clutter family killing had on Kansas […]

It’ll be a cold day in hell when Harry Flugelman lets an actor tell *him* what to do!

I’ll need to watch it again later to be sure — Christopher Guest’s movies acquire comedy in later screenings — but having now seen For Your Consideration, I hereby dub it disappointing.  Some thoughts: Same plot as Waiting For Guffman, only about a bunch of low-level movie people instead of low-level theater people. Too goofy […]

Always makes me smile

The British hip-hop “group,” The Streets, has an album-length narrative called A Grand Don’t Come for Free that I really like (the lead singer has a strong London working class accent, and uses words like “spliff”). But if I’m ever in a bad mood, I can just listen to the denoument of the story, “Empty […]

Studio One: There Was a Crooked Man

This mystery, an episode of the Westinghouse show Studio One, featured a mundane murder mystery in a house. There were a few interesting moments, mostly due to the rascally owner of the lodging house, who borrows his tenants close and puts on airs about belonging to a club. The really charming bits, though, came in […]

For those of you who play counter-strike

If you play counter-strike, you’ll find this funny. If you don’t play counter-strike, this video won’t mean much, but I’ll endeavor to explain it. 1. If you listen carefully before I throw my flash grenade (or “flashbang”), you can hear footsteps coming down the hall. 2. The grenade I threw blinds and deafens your opponent, […]

The psychological effect of intense gaming

So last night, during a short break from my work session, I was playing Counter-Strike on cs_militia, which is a map featuring a wooden farmhouse with both upstairs and downstairs levels. When people are running around on the roof or upstairs, they make thump-thump noises that the game reproduces pretty well in headphones. Another teammate […]


As you remember, I used to blog my mp3 progress as I worked my way through my music collection. Herein, I start that process again. This week, I’m ripping cds from my “classical” folder. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos 4,5,6,9 (from “Classic Gold”) Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos 1-5 (from “Editions De L’Oiseau-Lyre”) Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto 6 (from “Editions […]

Dolly Parton rules

I just heard, on The Current, Dolly Parton’s cover of “Shine” by Collective Soul. That rocks. (I’ve written about The Current before.)

British TV – how do you do it?

I love British TV.  When a show is destined to end its run fairly quickly (say, in 10 or 12 episodes), the writers can give the story real arcs.  They can kill characters off and can have the plots take significant turns, since they don’t need to maintain the initial state of the system to […]

The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty

by Caroline Alexander I thoroughly enjoyed this book, despite its length. Going in, I knew hardly anything about it, except that Captain Bly was a total jerk. Alexander uses exhaustive archival research to show that, no, he wasn’t a jerk. The image of the tyrannical Captain Bly and the soulful, oppressed Fletcher Christian was apparently […]

CTD asks…

How does a duck know what direction South is? and how to tell his wife from all the other ducks?

Everything Is Illuminated

I enjoyed this film.  The languid film style and the beautiful backgrounds compliment the story nicely.  The more striking images work well here, and Elijah Wood’s blank stare and goggly-eyes make the more dreamy images stand out more strongly.  Both funny and sad, the kind of movie that makes me feel edified for having watched […]

Three years’ worth of movies

About a year ago, I wrote: The ease with which you can click “ADD” leads to travesties like this. My personal queue (does not include Jenny’s movies or our Joint queue) is now unbelievably long. The chances that I’ll get to see Jackie Brown: Collector’s edition, the current bottom-of-the-queue movie, in 2006 are so slim […]