As you remember, I used to blog my mp3 progress as I worked my way through my music collection. Herein, I start that process again.

This week, I’m ripping cds from my “classical” folder.

  • Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos 4,5,6,9 (from “Classic Gold”)
  • Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos 1-5 (from “Editions De L’Oiseau-Lyre”)
  • Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto 6 (from “Editions De L’Oiseau-Lyre”)
  • Mozart The Marriage of Figaro and others (From “Vienna Masterworks”)

And here’s my current shuffle:

Shuffle small
(Click to view at full size)

2 thoughts on “Classic!”

  1. Do you know the Bach Solo Cello Suites, the version recorded by Yo Yo Ma in ’83 or so (I think it’s 1983- anyway, look for the one with the red cover either in stores or on iTunes)? It’s the most spectacular and moving classical piece i know, and I highly recommend it, esp. if you dig Bach, as you seem to.

  2. I don’t know those — I’ll have to check them out. I really like both Mozart and Bach. I wish someone would compose something that draws from both, sort of a “Mach” piece. 😉

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