Murder at Midnight

Another classic murder mystery.  This time, it’s a country-manor murder whose solution seems likely to come from the criminologist who happens to be among the guests.

Lawyer: He gave me the new will and a sealed letter.
Police detective: Letter? What did this letter say?
Lawyer: I don’t know.
Police detective: What do you mean you don’t know? He gives you a letter and you don’t know what’s in it?
Lawyer: It was sealed…

Cops in these movies always show a brilliant bone-headedness.

Worth my thirty-eight cents:
The butler, a ringer for Richard O’Brien, skulks past a portly policeman munching peanuts in the hallway. Peanut shells litter the floor and the officer’s belly. The butler returns with a crystal punch bowl and sets it on the table next to the police officer. The officer says, “Thanks, D!” and promptly drops his handful of nuts into the bowl. He then digs into his pockets and puts two or three more handfuls into the bowl. Finally, he takes a nut from the bowl, cracks it, tosses back the peanut, and drops the shells on the floor. The butler leaves in silence.

The butler  The butler from RHPS
On the left, Brandon Hurst from Murder at Midnight, on the right, Richard O’Brien, best known for being the creepy butler in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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