Seven Random Things Meme

I’ve been tagged.

  1. When I pick “favorite things” lists, I avoid things that are too popular to avoid seeming uncool.  When you make a list of your favorite old rock songs, the Forrest Gump soundtrack is a good guide of things to leave off.
  2. I like Macaroni and Cheese more than an adult man should.
  3. Like Roger, I too have a passing fear of deep water.  Mine stems from a fear of sharks coming up to eat me.  I distinctly remember floating in a lake, waiting to be picked up after I fell off my water skis, and rationalizing that there was nothing to fear from sharks below me even as my gut clenched in terror of what lurked below.
  4. Black AdderMy handle in online games is DrWombat.  Because Wombats own.  My current avatar on my counter-strike clan’s forum is to the right.  If you don’t know what it is, you make me sad.
  5. My tastes often put me in a demographic 30 years my senior.  Examples: Neil Diamond, Murder, She Wrote, Leo Kottke, PBS’ Mystery!

  6. In college, I was so enamored of M*A*S*H (the Altman film, not the TV show) that I worked Hawkeye’s distinctive whistle into my vocabulary.  I’m currently working on “Fooey!” from Nero Wolfe.
  7. I wish I were a better photographer.

If you’re reading this and you blog and you found it somewhat amusing and you feel like it, consider yourself tagged.

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