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{ Monthly Archives } June 2007

B And O

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Horror Story Collection 001

This librivox recording is great!  I particularly enjoyed the stories read by Glen Hallstrom, otherwise known as “Smokestack Jones.” [ viagra soft tablets | cheap viagra | viagra sales | viagra fast delivery | viagra expiration date | death by viagra | h h order script sec viagra | buy viagra now online | viagra […]


I thought this movie would suck, but it didn’t. The storytelling and character develoment of the children is pretty strong, and the creepy premise works well without overdoing it. The gore is surprisingly minimal for a movie about a bunch of axe murders. [ viagra free trial | viagra deaths | viagra | canada pharmacy […]

Through a Scanner Darkly; To Kingdom Come

I listened to Phillip K. Dick’s Through a Scanner Darkly as an audio book read by Paul Giamatti, who rules. It was pretty great, but depressing. The author’s note at the end gives the book an interesting twist, and the shifting perspectives make the discussion of drug culture so central to the book especially poignant. […]

Closer to 60 than 0

So I’m 30 now. I bought me a pro flickr account and got a book about making truffles — first batch, so-so. Three score to go. [ buy and purchase viagra online | sildenafil citrate 100mg plus | over night delivery of cialis online | add buy online url viagra | cialis next day | […]

The WinXP printer fiasco

So it turns out my all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax has no Linux driver. Apparently, it has a tiny internal processor and uses the computer’s processor to do its work, and only has been supported for windows. Thankfully, I don’t print much. Scanning, though. I like to do that. 🙁 [ how to get cialis no prescription | […]


I hadn’t seen this film, the epitome of Italian splatter-horror.  I am a better person for having seen it.  I’m particularly interested in it because it makes a loose allegation that the horror zombies, who work much like the zombies in most horror movies, are spawned by voodoo magic.  I find this connection significant because […]

This is the Way the World Ends

by James Morrow I love this book.  Morrow’s fantasy style never works better than in this story of a regular guy who is rounded up, along with five American deciders, and put on trial for the nuclear apocalypse by the “unadmitted” — the future generations of humans robbed of life by the war.  This is […]

The Windows wash-out continues

I’m going iTunes free, methinks. Check this out: Amarok FTW. [ buy viagra without a prescription | female equivalent of viagra | female equivalent of viagra | female viagra | cheapest viagra in the world | viagra best buy | cialis en mexico | viagra substitute | generic cialis | uk viagra sales | generic […]

Counter-strike on Linux?

One of my gaming buddies just mentioned that he plays Counter-strike on Linux. OMG!  I may not need to ever use the Windows partition… [ price check 50mg viagra | buy viagra on the internet | viagra sale | viagra deaths | viagra canada | discount viagra sales online | buy viagra in uk | […]

Mandarin Mystery

I enjoyed this mystery, though it was awfully confusing at parts.  The detective, a character from a series of novels I’m not familiar with, was an amusing dandy who gleefully went about the business of investigating the murder.  His jaunty attitude toward the crime was made even more amusing by his stiff-necked father’s bluster. Plus, […]

Happiness and Books.

Idea 1:I just heard an interesting discussion of Daniel Gilbert’s book, Stumbling on Happiness, on the Boing Boing podcast.  The conclusion of the book, as explained by the boingers, is that we’re bad at remembering the past and bad at predicting the future, so the best way to learn if something will make you happy […]

Emperors and Idiots

: The hundred-year rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox, from the very beginning to the end of the curse. by Mike Vaccaro I’ve never really followed baseball but this book made me want to. It also reminded me about the gap between what people who know about something know about it and what […]


This book took me a long time to read  (I started this in early January).  It weaves together lots of wicked and weird ideas, but its style is so fragmented and fragmentary that it’s very hard to follow.  I had to keep putting it down so I could read normal narratives. The concept is pretty […]

The final dealy-o

I spent all afternoon installing Windows updates and various software.  I’ve now got a fully functional ubuntu/winxp box.  I also copied all the data I’d backed up to portable drive back to the windows side, so I’ve got plenty o’data now too.  I will migrate much of it over to the linux side soon, but […]