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{ Monthly Archives } August 2007

Monosyllabic grunts, OR, how I sound when I’m coerced into using online chat in online purchasing situations

okay yes that’s fine sure yes okay Nope


A Story of Courage, Community, and War By Nathaniel Philbrick; Narrated by George Guidall I assumed the standard story about the pilgrims being lovey-dovey with the Indians was bogus, but I didn’t realize just how bogus. Philbrick does an excellent job of showing just how thoroughly the second generation of Plymouth citizens forgot about the […]

Picture of money strikes again!

Thanks to Clancy, I’m now aware that my photo of money has appeared on another blog, explaining how kids can make money and be eco friendly.  (Consumerist.com and Tales from the Other Side used it before as well.) Go Creative Commons!

In case you didn’t know how awesome open source software is…

Here’s how long it took to configure the my ubuntu linux installation to have write access on my Windows NTFS partition: 0:00 Google “ubuntu ntfs read write” 0:05 skim choices 0:15 Click third choice “NTFS-3G – Read & Write NTFS in Linux …” 0:20 Skim page, see name of app is “ntfs-3g” 0:45 Open Applications […]

Avery recommended reading list

The other day, Jenny brought Avery downstairs (where my office is) to say hello. Avery went straight for the bookshelves and, one at a time, pulled five books from the shelf and brought them over to me. Here, for your edification, is the Avery-recommended reading list: Lost in the Labyrinth by Patrice Kindl For some […]

I weep for the future

Via boingboing: Ms. South Carolina thinks we’re mapless.

The Book of Lost Things

By John Connolly Connolly’s tale of a land of fairy tales was a bit disturbing and pretty entertaining, though I didn’t find it as fascinating as I thought I would.  The Crooked Man was certainly creepy, but the enjoyment I got out of the book was pretty minimal. Most interesting about the book was its […]

Water pipes

Public domaining a book

When I was in Duluth, I bought a cool old book from the 1890s called Santa Claus Annual. There’s no date in it, but the bookseller told me it was from the 1890s. I will work to find out when exactly it was published, but in the meantime, I’m planning to slowly scan or photograph […]

Delightfully uncomfortable

It’s our job to give people a delightfully uncomfortable level of intellectual challenge. Dean Deborah Holdstein, at our LAS faculty retreat yesterday.

You’re going to get what you deserve

Shadow Divers

The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II  By Robert Kurson, narrated by Michael Prichard I enjoyed this book immensely.  It has everything: adventure, danger, science, history, emotion, and romance.  (Only a little romance, though.)  You can always tell you’re reading a really […]

I’m gonna objectivise you

A good teacher is someone who facutualizes students up.   So claimed a student at Columbia’s new faculty orientation. Looks like I’ve got my goal for the year.

On voices

It’s occurred to me before that the voice of the reader influences the experience of the audio book, but this is the first time I’ve had a repeat-reader shape the experience of a different book. Unlike when I actively pursue repeat readers, as in the audiobooks of the Amelia Peabody series, the experience of listening […]


Have you used this word today?  If not, why not?