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{ Monthly Archives } September 2007

Yum Yum Bumblebee, Bumblebee Tuna


Hermes and Indy watch out the window.  A few minutes ago, we heard a cat (presumably in heat) yowling in the alley.  After perhaps 15 yowls, another cat showed up and a hissing, scratching, screeching followed, and then it was silence. Then we can go back to sleep.

Max Carrados, blind detective

I just finished these four Max Corrados stories, by Ernest Bramah (written in 1914). Corrados, an amateur detective unusual for his blindness, is amusing and clever. The reading, done by Andy Minter and offered by Librivox, was delightful. Awesome syntax: “But why? Why, why the colossal villainy, the unparalleled audacity!” Mr. Carlysle lost himself among […]

The Great Influenza

by John M. Barry; Narrated by Scott Brick Stuff I learned: World War I saw sauerkraut renamed “Victory Cabbage” or “Liberty Cabbage.” Another pandemic of influenza is “probable” or “likely” in the near future. The biggest hinderance to public health in pandemics is government cover-ups; when officials and journalists lie about the severity and nature […]

Notes on the new tv season II

Bones I am glad Zach is back, but I felt bad for the interim Zach. I like the move toward a longer, multi-episode villain, and cannibalism is always a creepy way to start. Reaper was very funny and enjoyable. I liked the Kevin Smith-isms (as when the TV Jack Black suggested that our main character’s […]

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

“The difficulty with the information stage is that it can no longer be made critical or reflexive. The only thing” one can do is reject it or totally accept it, nothing else.” – Jean Baudrillard, “The Murder of the Sign” I’m never sure what to do, critically, with movies that are self-aware. A detective film […]

Overheard while out walking with my daughter

The other day, while I was out walking with my daughter, I overheard two funny things: We stopped for a short while by a baseball field to watch a few minutes of pee-wee baseball.  The boys were old enough to be pitching themselves, but underhand.  I would guess about 5th grade.  One team, clearly far […]

The Scar

(also called Hollow Triumph) Starring Paul Henreid. A thoroughly enjoyable film, with excellent film noir twists and characters who betray one another. One key moment in the film revolves around Muller’s doppleganger, Dr. Bartok. The only difference between the two is that Bartok has a scar on his left cheek. Muller takes a photo and […]

Notes on the new tv season I

We didn’t watch Heroes yet, but we did watch Chuck Enjoyable.  Funny.  Directed by McG.  Features Jane from Firefly.  Main guy works at “Buy More” for the Nerd Herd.  That’s just funny. His sister’s boyfriend is called Captain Awesome. His brain substitutes for a pattern-matching computer created by the gvt.  An interesting intersection of the […]

Revenge of the Creature

I watched Revenge of the Creature last night on Svengoolie.  Jenny (pretends she) doesn’t like the cheesy format and jokes, but I love it.   I noticed a couple things about the movie: 1. One of the major subplots was the scientist-ness of the heroine.  As a woman working toward a career as a scientist, […]

Point Blank

Lee Marvin spends long stretches of this film, particularly at the beginning, silent.  In this, if nothing else, the film contrasts with the Mel Gibson remake (Payback) I’m so fond of.  This movie’s a lot more moody, too.  There’s hardly any room for the gleeful sadism Mel’s audience expects; Marvin’s Walker plans and executes viciously, […]

Hot Hot Theramin Action

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW0B1sipLBI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19RJEnNUg1I

A Perfect Storm of Apocalypses

Inadvertently, I found myself reading/ listening/ watching four apocalypse stories simultaneously. This catastrophe of sad stories occurred because I avoid sad stories. When I’m reading something grim that I don’t want to quit reading, I just slow down and read other things simultaneously. It had to happen that eventually I’d be reading one grim thing […]

That ain’t Santa!

From the Star Tribune, “Firefighters Rescue Drunk Man Trapped in Chimney” “I told them to leave him in the chimney and let him die,” she said. http://www.startribune.com/484/story/1434685.html

Who put the Alphabet…?

Whenever I hear They Might Be Giants’ amusing and lyrical “Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?”, from Here Come the ABCs, I can’t help but think of the Will Farrell / Ana Gasteyer singing sketches from SNL. Back in ancient times, you know that things then weren’t that easy. So many different tribes: so […]