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Mirth of a Nation

The Audio companion to a collection of humor writings.  Amusing and speedy — a good interlude between longer books.  A few quick jots:

  • “How to Be Difficult” offers advice to a range of fields, including film critic:

    Saddle your review of Dumb and Dumber with a discussion of hermeneutics.  Invoke Barthes.  Invoke Bazin.  Write that the screenplay of the film in question is onanistic.  Say that the film has no discernable Rosebud.   Refer to the camera’s phallus lens. … Dismiss Jack Nicholson as just another Jack Nicholson impersonator.  Say that the name Streep always makes you think of a French person asking you to undress…. Write a book called The Grammar of Film….

  • “Emily Dickinson, Jerk of Amherst” was just damn funny.
  • “Aristotle’s ‘On Baseball'” struck me as the kind of thing that would be very funny if I knew more about Baseball.
  • “End of the World Bake Sale”: surprisingly heartwarming.

Narrated by Tony Roberts, Susie Essman, and others.

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