Notes on the new tv season II

I am glad Zach is back, but I felt bad for the interim Zach. I like the move toward a longer, multi-episode villain, and cannibalism is always a creepy way to start.

was very funny and enjoyable. I liked the Kevin Smith-isms (as when the TV Jack Black suggested that our main character’s parents “still do it.” It looks like this show has potential.

Still haven’t watched Heroes.

2 thoughts on “Notes on the new tv season II”

  1. I’m almost through the second season DVD of Bones, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in “real time” over the course of the new season. Ditto with Heroes, although i still have several discs of the first season to get through (gotta love that Kristen Bell, though!). I haven’t investigated any new, debut programs yet, but Reaper looked really interesting.

    BTW, enjoying all your new posts, my friend! You’ve been on fire lately.

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