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{ Monthly Archives } October 2007

OED word of the day is…

Timely and of interest to me… Zombie ECOND EDITION 1989 (zmb) Also zombi and with capital initial. [Of W. Afr. origin; cf. Kongo nzambi god, zumbi fetish.] 1. In the West Indies and southern states of America, a soulless corpse said to have been revived by witchcraft; formerly, the name of a snake-deity in voodoo […]

My Life

by William Jefferson Clinton performed by Michael Beck I read this audiobook in two parts, as it was packaged.  The first part covers Clinton’s entire life up to his inauguration.  The second part covers the presidential years. While the political machinations in the book were interesting, it was mostly the human element that I liked […]

The city is

the rubble of stories. – Jem Cohen, Lost Book Found

Bikers take to the forest

The woods are better when the people in front of you are wearing chaps.

Battlestar Galactica

I just watched the miniseries that started BG.  Awesome.   Among the things I enjoyed: Using the twist from pk dick’s story “The Third Variety”, the cyborgs can disguise themselves as people.  Only there are TWELVE varieties. Clash between civilian and military government works great. The space battles are very entertaining. The evil scientist who inadvertently […]

Crooked Little Vein

by Warren Ellis Surreal and disturbing.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I’m not sure what to make of it yet.  Given my interest in detectives and the way the digital age is changing them, it seems very important. The gist of the book is to take a conventional, hard-boiled detective, and plop him […]

Art Night, Part 1

Click for full size image The text of my introduction is posted below the fold.


When I was in college, I had a radio show (Darwin and the Evolution–remind me to tell you that story sometime).  As part of the station’s stable of deejays, I had to play “playlist” songs for 50% of my show each week.  Our playlist was a set of 100 discs that were chosen by the […]

Another credit

Aside from my renoun as an internet scholar, compositionist, comics scholar, gameology pedagogue, scouse wit and raconteur, and reporter for the Las Vegas Sun*, I will now be a credited published photographer. My colleague, David Lazar, needed a photo for his book jacket, and I was johnny-on-the-spot with my digital camera. Despite battery problems, we […]

A comic in the works

Last thursday, I introduced Art Spiegelman when he spoke as part of Creative Nonfiction Week 2007. I had an excellent time and have several amusing/entertaining/edifying anecdotes to share. It seems most reasonable to share these as comics, but since that takes a long time, it will be days or weeks before I’ve produced such works. […]

The “jack” al

Did you know Jack Black plays the overly-talkative tech wizkid in the Bruce Willis vehicle, The Jackal?

A little Ani for your day

She says “Do I know you?” I say “Well, no, not biblically.” … He was god’s gift to hypocrasy with weak knees and a big fat head “It isn’t her” from Imperfectly


So I finally saw A Streetcar Named Desire. Meh. I hadn’t read the play, and I didn’t have a lot of investment in it one way or the other.  This may sound trite but I was bored.  I generally don’t like films without empathetic characters, and this film had few — the sad, lonely people […]

An anecdotal (rather than scholarly) report on MPCA in Kansas City

1. At a panel on video games, having nothing to do with sexual identity issues, the second panelist arrived at his turn to speak.  As he was opting to stand, rather than sit to deliver his presentation, he endeavored to explain.  His explanation, however, was perhaps the strangest I’ve ever heard: I’ve got so much […]

Pedagogy 2.0?

This idea first came into my head in a conversation at Computers and Writing 2007.  I talked about it a bit in my “Tech/Ped Corner” piece for our department newsletter this semester. Most of us can easily recognize the analogy between Web 2.0 and classroom practice.  Since Paulo Freire wrote about the banking model in […]