Open Source, the movie!

I’ve just had my “Open Source” day in Writing for New Media, in which students read Eric Raymond’s “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” and we talk about what Open Source means and how it works.  After we worked through the process for programmers, we started talking about how it might work as a creative endeavor, for creative texts rather than for computer programs.  We looked at ZeFrank’s The Show community (the Sports Racers), particularly their “remixes for Ray”.  Then I had an idea:

Open Source, the movie.
A movie produced using Open Source methodology.

Germ: Raymond says we need an interesting problem to recruit users.  The original author team (no more than two or three) would have a germ of a movie (perhaps a genre to work in, maybe a story) and would build an architecture to create the movie.

Process: Using collaborative tools that allow for versioning, beta-coders would add to and revise and rework the script.  I think a wiki would have some merit here, but a regular lockdown voting method would be needed to move the project forward.  Some sort of versioning would also need to be in play to push quality up.  This could be done by the project leaders, but would be better if done as some sort of voting mechanism.

Once the script was set, filming would begin.  The film could be done using simple costumes for characters and paper masks to be printed and attached to paper plates.  This would allow multiple actors to film a variety of scenes, shots, etc without losing continuity.

Open source editing and scoring could follow.

I think this must be done.  The question is how.

To resolve:

1. The platform for managing the versions.  A schedule of submission, voting, new version for the script would work best, I think.

2. The filming could be a matter of filming and submitting clips to be used.   A variety of teams could film the parts they’re interested in, and multiple takes could be created by multiple teams (ideally mixed and matched in editing).

3. Editing would also be groupsourced.  Perhaps different teams could take the lead with different scenes, with users beta-testing and suggesting edits.

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  1. If you actually have the time to coordinate such a project, I’d like to contribute. (Nearly wrote “I’d be happy to contribute” – effects of, no doubt)

    Let me know if you make any progress on bringing this idea together. And I’ll gladly funnel people your way by linking to it from my various blogs. In fact, I already have.

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