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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

The Great Collection Review proceeds

After all 5 discs of Alice in Chains, which kinda blend together, despite the interestingness in Jar of Flies, I’m plowing through the As. 1: Allison Krauss & Union Station: in one of those weird synchronicity moments, Allison Krauss was on Sesame Street the other day. 1: The Allman Brothers Band 2: Amaryllis – instrumental […]


Leap Day Challenge 2008

Do it.  Link so I can see too or join the facebook or flickr groups.


Whew! Close call.

Just as I nearly ran out of address labels, down to 10 from the Heifer International and a handful of “Vote Democrat,” I got a bunch from Handyman magazine and the WWF. That’s a relief after I threw away a couple dozen labels with “Brenda Riley” on them. I use the ethics John outlined for […]


Leap Day Mix

Someone on my Leap Day facebook group suggested some music to listen to on Leap Day. I have these songs to suggest: Jump gets used a lot more than leap, for some reason.

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Spotting more people I recognize

Jenny and I watched Galaxy Quest tonight. I’d seen it before, but not for a while. Aside from the delight of seeing Tony Shaloub in my favorite of his roles and of seeing Enrico Colantoni again (Oh WB, why did you cancel Veronica Mars?), I noticed a couple other people in the film that I […]

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Jenny and I watched Chalk via Netflix’s “Watch It Now” feature. It’s a convincingly-made mockumentary about four or five teachers in a high school, one of whom is brand new and has no formal training as a teacher. It touches key nerves and, for the first bit especially, comes off as very real. The students […]

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Wink, wink, nudge, nudge

[youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=jT3_UCm1A5I] So this guy stops outside my office (door ajar, but not wide open) and knocks lightly on the door. “Come in,” I say, encouraging him to push the door open, which he does. “Um, hi. I’m Roger.” He has a nervous quality, and I’m reminded of the Monty Python stereotype of a man trying […]

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Leap day challenge: meme

I hereby initiate a Leap Day challenge: If you are reading this before leap day, consider yourself tagged. Do your best to spread the Leap Day challenge. On Leap Day, February 29th, take a photo (or have someone else take a photo) of you leaping in the air. Post that photo on your blog, making […]


Surprising cliffhangers

One of the things I find most irritating (yet important) about watching television as it airs is the cliffhanger.  I enjoyed Alias quite a bit, but every other episode was a ‘to be continued’ just as Sydney fell off a building or got shot in the face. Watching shows on DVD generally means you don’t […]


An ethical question about copyright

As I’ve said before, I try to follow copyright law as much as I can. I figure that by respecting the law we have now, I’m in safer ethical space to argue for changes in it. (I don’t judge, though. I think this highly contested area is something each person has to navigate themselves.) My […]



is excellent. I’ve heard comparisons with The Princess Bride and I can say they’re apt, though I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the Cary Elwes vehicle. Jenny and I agree that the story and world are amusing and inventive, and the story itself works nearly as well. The two places I would say The […]

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Darwin’s Radio

By Greg Bear More and more, in the last few years, I’ve come to enjoy good hard SF books by folks like Robert Sawyer. I’m going to have to add Greg Bear to my regular reading list. Darwin’s Radio is excellent. The book supposes that the punctuated equilibrium theory of evolution is actually correct, and […]

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The Measure of a Man

written and narrated by Sidney Poitier I enjoyed this book a fair amount, though the end gets a bit long. I think they could have shaved a disc. That aside, Poitier tells a remarkable story about the way he believes his early life on Cat Island in the Bahamas set in place a perspective that […]

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Christian dating

This ad appeared on the Comics Curmudgeon today.  I’m curious about the values espoused in the bullet points versus the image.  The text says that you can meet many people who are Christian (or profess to be), for free.  I’m a bit perplexed about the decision to say it’s a Safe Christian community.  Are there […]

I don’t care about stupid golfers

The Chicago Tribune crosswords have been nutty for golfer names this week. It’s all “WPGA Julie” or “Golfer Aaronson.” Let this be known and declared throughout the interwebs: I don’t give a rat’s ass about golfer names, and do not want them to be clues in my puzzles any more. That is all.