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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

Don’t take your love to town

Kenny Rogers did it well before, but there’s something about the melancholy rockabilly style of Cake that makes mournful songs just heartbreaking.  I just listened (while hanging drywall) to their cover of “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town.” Ruby seems like a pretty big jerk in the early part of the song, but when […]

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Voices of Our Time

Collected Radio Interviews by Studs Turkel A delightful collection with lots of bits of wisdom and heart.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Nearly every interview had pieces I would have liked to share, so I just grabbed things from the first three interviews. 1. Pete Seeger on folk songs, which sounds to me like a discussion […]

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I just realized…

The projected due date for the new Riley is August 8th, which would make his birthday 8/8/08. Check this out: In the Greek mysteries, the number 888 represented the “Higher Mind.” The Greek variation of “Jesus,” “Iesous,” equals 888. (link) The symbolism of the number eight: starting afresh on a higher level, an octave higher. […]

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Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

1947. Tracy faces off against a bank robbing gang who has a secret formula that freezes people immobile for about 15 minutes. A moderately entertaining story made great by the fabulous mise-en-scene and characterizations. I’m enjoying these movies more by the minute. Here are a few screenshots and some commentary. Once again, a seedy bar […]

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And we’re off! Again.

Summer plans (work): Teach my online courses Continue the process of getting my detective article published Finish the prospectus on my detective book Finish the syllabus for my detective class Summer plans (home & family): Go to the pool with Avery Do some more home improvement stuff Camp Welcome the new Riley in early August

My Socks are White

With my in-laws visiting this weekend, they had the delightful idea to go to a White Sox game, so we picked up tickets and went to see the Sox play the L.A. Angels. It was a pretty fun game. Here are my highlights: The stadium itself. I like lots of things about Cellular field. It […]

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Avery enjoys a lemon

My brother in law shot this little video on his camera phone about a year ago. It’s Avery’s first encounter with a lemon. [youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=xme1ykYNEhw]

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Music on the backburner, but I give you comments anyhow, with multimedia!

2: Fatboy Slim – I always enjoy this music a lot, but he uses a lot of curse words. Which is annoying because I don’t generally think of his music as music I should be wary of playing near little ears, but then this song comes on (Fatboy Slim clip NSFW ) and I wonder, […]

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The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

by Maurice LeBlanc; read by various With grading finished and my intellectual activity relegated, for the next few days, to the backburner, I’m doing some home excavation.  We’ve gutted the bathroom and are putting in an exhaust fan, new drywall, new light fixtures, new vanity and mirror/cabinet.  As such, I have plenty of time to […]

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The Innocent Man

by John Grisham; read by Craig Wasson Grisham’s nonfiction account of the unjust prosecution of Ron Wilkenson and Dennis Fritz is pretty compelling and very good story telling. It makes one unbelievably leery about the incompetence that can result in amazingly bad justice. Hearing about the utter lack of evidence on which these men were […]

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Other people celebrate post numbers like 1000.  Not me, I’m celebrating 777.  Please note, this posts reflects on having posted 777 posts, it is, itself, number 778. Seven posts I’m proud of Dick Tracy, Detective The Dangers of Reading on the Train Arcade of Attractions Where Are My Damn Flying Cars? The Worst Miracle on […]

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On finishing grading

I crossed the finish line, flags waving and emails sent. I’ll upload the grades on Friday, but all the grading is done. I generally enjoy writing comments and responding to student project, but I really dislike grading. As I teach more, I’ve wavered quite a bit in what I think about grading, but I tend […]

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Two down, one to go

I finished my ICW grading and emailed the students.  Only my New Media grading stands between me and the end of the semester.  And I’ll finish that tomorrow!

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Indescretions of Archie

by P. G. Wodehouse; read by Mark Nelson, a librivox recording Yet another highly amusing audiobook version of Wodehouse from Mr. Nelson.  The main character of this book features the flightiness of Bertie and the cleverness / luck of Jeeves.  As usual, the dialogue is just cracking.  Here are a couple of my favorite bits: […]

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…but then I read Brian’s post

I was going to write something about The Office season finale… In this compressed space, where character development felt more like shorthand, the cast really ended up carrying a lot of the load, and special mention should be made of those supporting actors who are sometimes overshadowed by the Pam-Jim-Michael triumverate: B.J. Novak, who makes […]

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