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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008


The next podcast from my Writing and Rhetoric 2 class.  In this one, I explain the idea of “convergence” as I understand its relationship to electracy, our coursework, and the Lawrence Weschler book we’re using as our guide. Podcast below the break.

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Through the Looking Glass

By Lewis Carroll; Librivox recording narrated by Adrian Praetzellis Now that I’ve listened to both of the books, I have to say I liked this one better. Through the Looking Glass has more of the stuff I’d come to expect in the Alice stories. I also found that, unlike the last story which I knew […]

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Dark Integers and Other Stories

by Greg Egan A solid collection of hard sf stories. Luminous – lots of cool ideas here.  The main thrust is the idea that there is some realm of mathematics where the usual algebra doesn’t work.  Huh.  Strange and cool simultaneously.  The opening sequence is a tense battle between an organ harvester and a potential […]

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A Letter of Mary

by Laurie R. King; narrated by Jenny Riley The third novel in a series (but the first we’ve read) about Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes’ young wife.  An entertaining series that reminded me very much of Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody mysteries.  Russell has the same intrepid spirit and emancipated ways.  The mystery is moderately interesting, but […]

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The Last Detective

By Robert Crais; narrated by James Daniels Crais crafts a solid, thrilling detective story with a little bit of procedural, a whole lotta action and badass dudes, and a likeable main character.  A good book to listen to while doing something else (like, say, mudding drywall).  A few thoughts: I generally don’t like stories that […]

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Andrew Jackson: Angry About Diarrhea

By H.W. Brands.  Narrated by John H Mayer. Going into this book, I knew very little about Old Hickory.  To tell you the truth, I often confused him with Stonewall Jackson.   A few notes about this blustery Unionist: Fought in the revolutionary war at fourteen (?) or so, as a messenger first and later as […]


Don’t throw out those CFLs

Via consumerist who got it from NYT: Home Depot has started a nationwide compact flourescent light bulb recycling program. “At each The Home Depot store, customers can simply bring in any expired, unbroken CFL bulbs, and give them to the store associate behind the returns desk.” CFL bulbs contain mercury and can be damaging to […]

Google kicks me in the Ego.

First, with their daily Google updates, which I have set to watch for occurrances of Brendan Riley on the web. I do this because I learned that it can be a handy way to spot when people mention your stuff. Alas, this means that every day I get an update on the writings of Navada […]

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Get Smart

Was actually pretty enjoyable.  It wasn’t great, but it was positive, enjoyable, and well worth an afternoon.  I liked the balance they gave Max (SC).  He has skills but is still a bit bumbling.  Anne Hathaway was also delightful as Agent 99. I thought “Missed it by that much” could have been more carefully orchestrated.  […]

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Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it?

When Emporer Zerg points his gun at Buzz, you can see that it goes to eleven. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akaD9v460yI]


Sentence of the week

See if you can pick it out. Context: P.Z. Myers grouses about some claims made in an article profiling “Intelligent” Design.  The boldfaced sentence is the claim being made by the article. IDists are correct to say love is not an illusion. Scientists say this. Frankly, this is the most dumb-ass argument in a whole […]

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Another one more

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The nuances of free mailing labels.

Those bastards at Unicef.  First, they made me feel a little guilty about using the mailing labels they send me.  I decided that I shouldn’t feel guilty since they sent them without me asking, and they’re just trying to guilt me into sending some money.  But for some reason I feel really guilty as I […]

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The challenge of a dislikable protagonist

I Just Want My Pants Back by David Rosen A friend gave me this book because it made her laugh, and I can definitely see why it did. Rosen’s writing feels a lot like that snarky friend you like to meet, who always has a biting remark to make about nearly anything. It’s funny in […]

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The sounds of mid-June

In bite-size bullets. 4: Leo Kottke – I love the song “Pamela Brown.”  It’s amusing and interesting.  These four CDs are perhaps my favorite CDs to come from my dad’s music collection.  Pamela Brown clip 1: Les Claypool & The Holy Mackerel – not much to say about this album, except that its title makes […]

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