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Tunesday (see how I added that extra n?)

  • 1: Outkast – I always feel a small bit of shame that I don’t like this album more. Am I missing some essential appreciation of awesomeness?
  • 1: o-zone: I like this album a lot, though I only bought it so I could have the numa numa song, which is actually called “Dragosta Din Tea.” Perhaps the fact that I enjoy Europop explains why I don’t enjoy Outkast?
  • 1: Paul Oakenfold – a nice, soothing album of blips and boops. Beep!
  • 1: Paul Simon – A former colleague at Columbia did a great literary reading of Graceland, exploring the problematic nature of Simon’s collaboration with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a South African group in South Africa. On one hand, he’s violating the boycott, but on the other hand he’s giving a black South African group crucial exposure outside South Africa, but on the first hand, he’s rejuvenating his flagging career by using their rhythms (it’s the old song to a new tune). Does anyone else find it interesting that the album is called Graceland and thus puts it into conversation with the most successful of the black music thieves? But on the second hand, again, LBM have replied to suggests that Simon was “using” them by saying they were using him. After all, they have worldwide acclaim and audience now; before, they couldn’t get out of South Africa.
  • 2: Pavement – I have two pavement albums, but somehow one of them is missing from my Amarok registry. Annoying. What the world needs now is a missing Pavement album, like I need a hole in my head.
  • 6: Pearl Jam – A cornerstone of my high school experience. Not much to say about ’em, except that while I like their music, I was never quite as big a fan as everyone else was. I like the song “bugs,” though. And I REALLY like “Rearviewmirror.”
  • 1: Peter Gabriel – I’m happy to have just the greatest hits album here. It was interesting to find that I knew most of these songs but wasn’t quite aware that they were Peter Gabriel songs. My favorite moment like that: I heard the phrase “Boom Boom Boom” from “Solsbury Hill” and was sent into my “where have I heard that before” reverie. I figured it out (see below).

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