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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

Baby-feeding media roundup 2: A survey of four Titanics

Titanic (1953) Plot: A melodrama with two stories. A woman and a man who’re having a troubled marriage face an icy trip across the Atlantic. A middle-class young man (Robert Wagner) who goes to Purdue romances their high-class daughter. Also, a defrocked alcoholic priest redeems himself by rushing into the boiler room to comfort the […]

Job hunting, Not!

So last week I started getting offers from insurance companies to apply for their jobs.  I assumed these were spam, so I ignored the first couple.  Then, I noticed that one said something about seeing my resume on  I looked through the huge volume of back-email that accumulated during my paternity web-blackout and found […]

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Baby-feeding media roundup

The 70-minute middle-of-the-night baby feedings are giving me plenty of time to watch movies. Here’s a list of the movies I’ve watched since my last post about this: The Good Shepard: Matt Damon’s acting direction for the whole film must have been something like you have deep, conflicted feelings about this, but you can never […]

Recent book roundup

The Black Hand by Will Thomas The fifth book in the Barker / Llywellan mystery series. I haven’t read the third or fourth book, which my book club seemed to think were just like this book, but as a solitary text, I enjoyed it. Barker continues to delight, as does his indefatigable assistant. Thomas’ London […]

A Wizard of Earthsea

“I like Shakespeare, but he’s so cliche.” — A Woody Allen movie ( I thought it was Annie Hall, but the Internet fails me here). Reading Le Guin’s classic upstart wizarding story, I had to keep Allen’s joke about the clueless patron of literature in mind.  The story of young Ged and his journey toward […]

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Some lessons from director commentaries

So what with something better than sleeping to do in the middle of the night, I’ve been watching movies, movie extras, and audio commentaries.  After watching the commentaries on The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black, I’ve decided to compile some advice for all you folks who might someday be part of an audio commentary, […]

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I Was Told There’d Be Cake

by Sloane Crosley I picked up this book because it looked amusing and because Jonathan Lethem told me to.  Well, really, he said SC was someone who wrote from the Sedaris/ Vowell world, and I couldn’t resist.  Her writing reminds me much more of Sedaris than Vowell, mostly because Vowell tends to write about herself […]

Spider-Man 3

I watched Spider-Man 3with my family Friday evening. The film was fine, with lots of razzle-dazzle, but I didn’t really like it very much.  Like Harry Potter 5, the doom and gloom turn of the likable protagonist is hard to swallow, and when it carries none of the large-scale portent that Harry’s depression did, I […]

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The Alienist

Carr’s book is pretty great. It’s the story of a serial murderer in New York in the 1890s.  The main character is a reporter who’s friends with Teddy Roosevelt (the chief of police) and with Lazlo Kretzler, an alienist (the term for a psychiatrist in the 1890s).  Because the murderer is picking out people he […]

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On language and other thoughts while parenting

Avery says “my” instead of “I” or “I’m.”  This puzzling linguistic development became clear once I figured out its boundaries.  Here’s how I figure it emerged: 1) We would say something about a posessive: “Have you found your shoes?” 2) She would say “Avery found your shoes.” 3) We would correct her, “You mean to […]

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Baby media roundup

As y’all know, I’m currently at day 6 of double-fatherhood. It’s pretty awesome, as expected. But I’m sure you miss all the commentary I spew on what media I watch. We had Finn at an excellent local hospital with nice delivery rooms that have AV setups so you can do whatever the mommy wants, be […]

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Whoo aaa!

Hellboy opens with an exciting battle between American forces and the Nazi super occult squad of evil.  At one point, some dude gets thrown into a trans-demensional portal and screams. That is all.

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National Treasure 2

I enjoyed the first one moderately enough, and the second is decent too (though, like most sequels, at best about 80% of the first one). The first bit of the movie that sticks with me: why does Nicholas’ girlfriend get to keep his house when they break up?  That pisses me off.  Also?  Riley implies […]

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Damn you, marketing survey folks!

I can understand not minding poor punctuation, but forcing it? Come on. Always the rebel, I tried using the shift key and was blocked by a pop up that says “This feature has been disabled.”

Mama Mia!

Jenny reminded me that we’ve seen plenty of “boy” movies this summer (though only movies that she happily agreed to see), and then reminded me that she is nine months pregnant, and then declared that we were going to go see Mama Mia! today. Like the musical, it’s enjoyable because of the Swedish musical cotton […]

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