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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

Count Backwards to Zero

Best five movies

These are not the top five movies released in 2008, but rather the top five movies I saw, according to me. WALL-E: A fantastic film with heart and love.  Enjoyable beyond the limits films should achieve. The Dark Knight – Duh. Hamlet 2 – An uneven movie that had me busting up laughing.  Lots.  Steve […]


As a big fan of Pegg, Frost, and Wright, I was delighted when I learned some months ago that they’d all been involved in a pop-culture infused fanboy’s delight called Spaced. Then, I learned that the show would be coming out on DVD and all my hopes were granted. Spaced delights with its numerous pop-culture […]

The Walking Dead, vols 2 and 3

I read the second and third bits of Kirkman’s zombie story on the train in mid December, and am now just getting around to writing about it. The saga tells the story of a group of survivors in a Romero-style zombie outbreak.  They are on the move in an SUV, and they encounter a couple […]

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Top six books

Top three nonfiction (in no particular order): Autism’s False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure, by Paul Offit. Offit does an exacting, brutal forensic analysis of the anti-vaccine campaigns being waged by various interests. He dissects the early science and explains the more recent findings, and he lays into the […]

Something’s messed up somewhere

Check out the message displayed by Amarok as I upload a book to my iPod: I knew this was an error, because my hard drive only holds 15 Terrabytes of data, so there’s no way that book was 16 TB.

Year in Review

John tagged me with a year-in-review meme started by Mike. It doesn’t seem to have any rules except that you have to write twelve points and then tag eight other people. John did his chronologically, which I like. I’m going to reflect on my favorite blog post for each month. January. “Anteros” I wrote a […]

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Year in review x 5

From now until the end of the year, I’ll be posting Year in Review posts.  Just so you’re ready for them. That is all. *Photo by Pingu1963

Glad Tidings

Glad tidings from me to you, this holiday, dear reader.  I hope you’re warm and happy when you read this, or on your way to being so.

Holiday Brains

From me to you: http://www.sinistergreetings.com/sendcard.php?view=1&id=xZS7sR5sgT8s

One Night with Nora

The Stan Brakhage of the three-year-old set

Avery got a digital camera for her birthday. It’s designed to be kid proof, you know: droppable, water proof, etc. It has big buttons and a funny little display screen. It can take craploads of pics at 640×480 or 70-some photos at 1.3mp. She’s figuring out how to use it, so I’ve decided to put […]

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On Voices 3

An update of the audio book narrators I’ve read since the last On Voices post. *Alan Alda – Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself Ellen Archer – Unhooked Alys Attewater – Ragged Dick David Barnes – The Club of Queer Trades Michael Beck – My Life (Bill Clinton) Joyce Bean – Sin in the […]


I think a collection shifts from being casual to something different when you have this conversation: Claudia: Do you want me to get these two Brett Halliday books or not? Brendan: Well, I have them already. What do the covers look like? Claudia: Uh, why? Brendan: If the covers are different, I don’t mind getting […]

The Thirteenth Tale

by Dianne Setterfield We read this book for my mystery book club. It didn’t fit our usual mode, which is more along the lines of straight detective stories. But it was an interesting story about nutty people, twins, and books. Lots of books. One of the most interesting bits of our conversation was about when […]

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