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Friday flotsam

Pea sprouts

  • Avery and I are finally seeing some lusty sprouts in our garden.
  • One of the designers of StarCraft 2 commented in this month’s PC Gamer that they kept the vibrant colors in the Zerg models (Zerg are aliens akin to WH40k’s Tyranids or Ridley Scott/H.R. Geiger Aliens) because it would be difficult to tell them apart if they went “realistic” and made everything brown.
  • I had oodles of fun working on the PHP online registration form for the MPCA yesterday.  I need to cook up a coding project for this summer.
  • The dual reading of Austen and Graham-Smith oozes along nicely.  I’m glad I borrowed the annotated Pride and Prejudice from the library.  It’s like reading three versions at once: the classic, the literary/scholarly, and the undead.
  • I ordered a Gig of RAM for Jenny’s laptop.  It’s getting a bit slow.  Also, I spliced a new 3.5mm jack onto the shorting-out one on my Shure E2C earbuds.  Seems to work well, so I’m nursing those along for a bit longer.

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