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Spring Television Roundup 4: Hilarious!

The Office 30 Rock

The Office

I thought The Office was hit or miss this season.  There were many hilarious moments — my favorite being the “casual Friday” sub-plot involving Meredith’s shocking cocktail dress.  At the same time, I really disliked the Charles-the-boss sub-plot and the aspect of Jim’s character it revealed (or created?).  I’m happy that they’ve kept Pam and Jim even keeled and awesome.  Keep that up.

30 Rock

30 Rock, on the other hand, has been pitch-perfect throughout.  With nonstop guest stars and brilliant writing, the show maintains its stride.  The season finale was fantastic, with Elvis Costello outed as a debonair European art thief and Alan Alda voicing the ultimate piece of dialog: “… and I was at “We Are the Pizza”! ”  Funny funny funny.  Keep it up, Fey and friends.

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