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{ Monthly Archives } July 2009

The world’s youngest Blink 182 fan

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Having recently re-read HP 6 in preparation for the movie, I found myself struggling to remember exactly what happens at the end of the story. Seeing as the next movies are more than a year away, I decided to re-read HP 7. Some thoughts below–Spoilers ahead: I enjoyed the book quite a bit on the […]

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BookMooch queue

I’m having a strange experience over at BookMooch. As a way to keep myself from spending too much mailing books, I have a self-imposed limit of $10-12 / month. This means I can mail three or four books domestically, or a smaller amount if I’m sending one overseas. My queue of books to send is […]

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Big Train, Series 2

More of the same. I enjoyed it still, but didn’t get much sense of the troupe having evolved or moved forward. The series continues to revolve around the ideas of strange situations made surreal by their ordinary environs. If anything, the biggest difference this time around was in their willingness to push the joke past […]

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Not really that strange

The Stranger (The Labyrinths of Echo, book 1) by Max Frei We read this book for my speculative fiction book club last month, but I’ve only now just finished it. The Stranger tells the story of “Sir Max,” a layabout unable to sleep at night who finds himself recruited to a fantasy world where he […]

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Arsenic and Old Lace

When I was in college, I went to a high school production of Arsenic and Old Lace in which the boy playing Dr. Einstein did a very creditable Peter Lorre impression in the part. As we watched, I wondered if Lorre was in the film version of the play, or if the boy just thought […]

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Some quick thoughts on flying solo

Jenny went to her parents’ house this weekend, so I was home with the kids (Avery, a 3.5yo girl and Finn, a 11mo boy) for 3 days. I was able to borrow a car for one of those days. Activities: Friday (car): zoo, picnic lunch; ice cream shop, park (1) Saturday: downtown via el, family […]

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Pride and Prejudice, no zombies

I know most of you assume that I go in for costume dramas, but I’m not usually the first one on the couch when somebody says “6-hour Jane Austen adaptation.” But a couple things lured me into the beloved 1990s BBC adaptation: 1) I just read the Austen book and the Graham-Smith/Austen “adaptation,” 2) I […]

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Big Train, series 1

I happened upon this early Graham Lineman show after I Netflixed The IT Crowd, and was doubly persuaded when I saw that it featured Simon Pegg. Big Train continues the British tradition of sketch comedy, building on the Python tradition but feeling a bit more like Kids in the Hall, but without the returning characters. […]

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Will the real Andy Kaufman stand up?

There’s a brilliant moment toward the end of Sacha Baron Cohen’s BrĂ¼no in which a rabid crowd of UFC fans suddenly shifts from screaming in glee at the impending beating of a gay man to screaming in anger. As I watched the caricatured homophobes roaring, gasping and, in one particularly amazing shot, looking distinctly crushed […]

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Changing licenses

Flickr allows users to designate any of a number of licenses for their images, everything from a standard copyright (all rights reserved) to a variety of Creative Commons licenses. It also lets users change their licenses whenever they like. This means if they decide they want to stop offering CC licenses with their images, they […]

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, primary and secondary phases

By Douglas Adams; Narrated by a cast at the BBC I’ve heard that among fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide, there has been a longstanding argument about whether the novel or the original BBC radio drama is the definitive version of the book. Frankly, I don’t care. That said, I enjoyed the BBC drama very much. […]

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July music rundown

June/July’s downloads from emusic: Jonathan Coulton, Thing a Week One: I was missing seven songs from this album, and was very happy to get them. By far, my favorite is “Someone is Crazy.” The jaunty banjo gets me hoppin every time. Check out the AMV below. Apparently there was a contest. Trout Fishing in America, […]

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2009-07-19 Tweets

The Band Dick Tidrow: why did you only record one album? # The Ethicist coins my new favorite phrase: New fangled is my favorite kind of fangled. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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Child 44

by Tom Rob Smith Set in the end of Stalin’s reign in Russia, Child 44 tells the story of MGB agent Leo Deminov, who discovers that a serial killer has been working all over the country, but the party line of “no crime” means that he’s unable to investigate. The book grips the reader from […]

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