Random thoughts from the aether today

  • Reviewing the daily spam filter report, I see an email with the subject “Ready for your free rolex?” from “porn.com.” Now come on. I think that’s a parody of spam.
  • I was looking at the design of my main site, curragh-labs.org, and wondering whether it needs a re-vamp. It’s fairly simple and I still like it, but it’s also the design I worked up in the summer of 2004 when I was starting at Columbia. Does a site need to be redesigned occasionally just because? Perhaps I will do so next summer to mark my progression (hopefully) from Assistant professor to Associate.
  • I spent about 30 minutes today cleaning up and locking down the old MediaWiki installations I rolled for my WR2 courses over the last couple years. A spam-bot had gotten hold of one and started editing it.
  • Is there a spam- or commercial- value to following someone on Twitter? I keep getting weird followers. And I know I’m not that witty.
  • I’m going to start a Brendan Riley group on Facebook for all the Brendan Rileys ala The Sweetest Sound.

One thought on “Random thoughts from the aether today”

  1. re: random weird followers.

    Careful there, that’s how I ended up ruining friendships @ plurk. A whole bunch of people we didn’t know were following Sarah and I, and eventually posting random crazy responses that kinda freaked us out. I bitched about it, and next I knew people I did know hated me.

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