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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

The Accidental Time Machine

By Joe Haldeman I read The Forever War a while ago, and enjoyed it immensely. One way to articulate that book’s project, though, is as follows: A man joins the army and, because of successively longer relativistic jumps, experiences the slow evolution of the human race and society over hundreds or thousands of years. Interesting […]

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2009-08-30 Tweets

oh man, my fish have been ravenous lately. I feed them and they go CRAZY! # Oops. I just checked my email, scanned a document, updated my desktop computer, looked at Facebook, and read an article about how mult … # Powered by Twitter Tools

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New Herb Shelves

After all the success we’ve had with tomatoes and other growables, we reflected on the gross waste we incur (both herbal and fiduciary) as we try to get fresh herbs on our food. Hence, a new gardening project: We’ve planted 10 herb plants (2 oregano, 1 basil, 2 thyme, 2 rosemary, 1 sage, 2 parsley) […]

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I, Robot

by Isaac Asimov I just finished reading the seminal story collection by Isaac Asimov about the emergence of robots and their effect on mankind. Predicated on the three laws of robotics, Asimov’s stories explore various problems that arise from different ways these play out. As usual, they’re well written, character-driven stories that tease out particular […]

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Random bullets from the day

I spent all day in a retreat, and plenty of good stuff came out of it. Bad stuff too, though: Big meetings like that make me feel like a jerk, but I can’t help grouching to myself. Favorite comment (from a friend): If you’re merely well-informed, you’re useless. From home: Three dead fish in the […]

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

by Agatha Christie The only Christie novel to make the 1000 books you must read before you die list, Ackroyd serves as a metonym for every Christie novel, or at least every Poirot novel. It’s skillfully written, with a wide net of characters, an intriguing puzzle mystery with plenty of side distractions (affairs, debts, scoundrels, […]

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Quote of the day

From Randy Cohen, about the role of anonymous commenting on the Internet: Has anonymous posting, though generally protected by law, become so toxic that it should be discouraged? It has. To promote the social good of lively conversation and the exchange of ideas, transparency should be the default mode. And that goes both for lofty […]

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Campion: Look to the Lady

To further cement my place in your heart as a big ol’ nerd, I’ve started watching another BBC mystery adaptation series. This time it’s Campion, starring Peter Davison. Look to the Lady is the first in the series, and was made in 1989. Davison and Brian Glover are a winning combination as the dashing, jaunty, […]

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My new favorite thing

Recommended by Columbia colleagues Rob Lagueux and Doug Reichert-Powell: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fngEnIkz44]

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Crusader’s Cross

by James Lee Burke; narrated by Will Patton Crusader’s Cross is another Dave Robichaux novel, the one before Tin Roof Blowdown, I believe. It’s only the second of the series I’ve read, but delightful still. The novel focuses on two cases: the 30-year-old disappearance of Dave’s brother’s hooker girlfriend and a series of murders occurring […]

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2009-08-23 Tweets

Our cat’s buddies (family stayed w/ us for a while) are gone and he’s lonely. Result: Brendan == cat hair shedding spot. # I love Barney Frank: http://w50oz.tk # Yesterday was the first full day of “welcome back” meetings. mmmm, Fall. # @RecruitingGuy I’ve been getting one or two a week for a while now. […]

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Sometimes, this is how I feel.

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Paean to Intercontinental Music Lab

I realized when I was doing my music write up on Friday that I never posted about one of my favorite bands from Jamendo, Intercontinental Music Lab. I’ve only listened to two of their albums (but I’ve now discovered a third that’s being downloaded as I write this. ICL brings together musicians from around the […]

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Harper’s Island

I just finished watching our TiVO backlog of Harper’s Island: The DVD Edition, a “whodunit” involving plenty of bloody murder and a “mystery” to solve. While I did enjoy the show quite a bit, it felt more like watching a television version of I Know What You Did Last Summer than a whodunit. It had […]

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August music rundown

emusic downloads: Koerner & Glover, Live at the 400 Bar – I’m a big fan of Koerner and Glover, whom I discovered among my father’s CD collection. They do old fashioned guitar and harmonica folk music, with good renditions of standards and their own twists on songs. My favorites on this album are “Goodnight Irene” […]

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