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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

In which ten minutes are compressed into two sentences

I was interviewed as a part of a story this week: …At Columbia College Chicago, Brendan Riley teaches a class exclusively on the zombie zeitgeist, starting with movies of the 1930s. His media studies class, taught in an intensive January session, meets for several hours each day and enrollment usually takes a few rounds. Eager […]

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Off to D-town

The Midwest PCA/ACA conference is this weekend.  Should be fun, but I’ll be happy when it’s done — what a lot of work! I look forward to seeing some of you in Detroit.

Night of the Living Dorks

Zombie season: 1 Imagine that you found the excised bits of an early American Pie script. Then, having recently enjoyed such teen zombedies as Idle Hands or My Boyfriend’s Back, you would make Night of the Living Dorks, or perhaps Boy Eats Girl. As I said, this film reminds me a lot of other teen […]

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A Trip to Dullsville

Journey to the Center of the Earth I didn’t expect much of this movie, since it made very little money and it has Brendan Frasier, an actor I like but who inexplicably dooms any movie he signs on to act in.  It’s also hard to watch a movie like this without scoffing a lot.  A. […]

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The Value of Alternate History

The Confederate States of America This mockumentary presents itself as a San Fransisco-Area television broadcast of a formerly-banned BBC (renamed the “BBS”) documentary about the C.S.A.  The idea is that the Confederate ambassador to France and England persuaded them to enter the war on behalf of the south and thus the South won.    The […]

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Congratulation, classified network master

I love Babelfish, the translation service that allows you to email in foreign languages. I had to use Google language detector to figure out that this was Dutch (I thought it might be German), but after that it was easy peasy Dutchy. Check out this exchange (in both languages, for your convenience): Original inquiry Beste […]

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Music Monday: The Big Pink

I feel like each month’s music post doesn’t do justice to that months’ selections, so I’m going to start posting “music monday” posts as well, which will usually just be youtube clips. This is The Big Pink, “Dominos” — the video is mildly NSFW, with a naked-lady ice sculpture. [youtube:]

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2009-10-25 Tweets

Another unexpected moment in fatherhood: being told "now you're Snow White" after having been decorated with 13 Tinkerbell stickers. # Spell check alerted me to something I hadn't noticed before: Ambassador starts with an a, while embassy starts with an e. Weird. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Quick bullets on recent media

Torchwood, season 2, disc 1: The time travel episode was awesome: the old timey steampunk Torchwood officers, the cool thought experiment of someone who wakes for only one day a year, and the nifty brain paradox of thinking through time travel (something that’s been on my mind a lot recently). Cinderella: trying to explain to […]

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Gearing up for J-session

As you all know, I teach a j-session course each year called “Zombies in Popular Media.”  To keep myself up to date and stay on track, I use November, December, and January as zombie months, watching only Zombie movies from my personal queue.  This year, instead of the haphazard randomness I usually use to decide […]

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Whoring for emusic

Hello good friend, Do you like music?  I know that you do.  I have an important message for you from Brendan Riley, SOLICITOR AND SON OF DEPOSED RULER Admiral Riley.  It pleases him to have a subscription to “e”music, the delightful Interweb concern allowing “load downs” of several em-pee-threes every other fortnight.  The proprietors at […]

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In case you missed Glee this week

Finn:  “I don’t think one decision makes your life, unless you accidentally invent some kind of zombie virus or something.”

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15 Books

There’s a thread on Facebook called ’15 books’ in which they ask the question: What makes a book sticky? In other words, what are 15 books that “stick with you.” Here’s my list, with the caveat that it’s the 15 books that I can think of right now, in no particular order, and eschewing the […]

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The Game

My Writing for New Media class watched The Game this week as part of their preparation for their ARG project (Alternate Reality Game). The idea of the project is to propose an Alternate Reality Game that one might fund if one had lots of money and even more time. Some new things I noticed this […]

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All ‘atwitter

I used the phrase “all atwitter” in class today and my students thought it was a reference to the micro-blogging site.  I explained that, no, “all atwitter” was a phrase before the website. Then we all pondered for a moment whether twitter is named for this phenomenon.  They don’t say so, and their birdy birdy […]