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A Trip to Dullsville

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth

I didn’t expect much of this movie, since it made very little money and it has Brendan Frasier, an actor I like but who inexplicably dooms any movie he signs on to act in.  It’s also hard to watch a movie like this without scoffing a lot.  A. LOT.  Some thoughts:

  • I think the movie yielded too much initiative to the 3D.  There are several moments where these weird choices in cinematography suddenly remind me that, oh yeah, this movie was produced in 3D and they had to have some pop-out moments.  But these were always gimmicky.  Who needs em?
  • The scientific ideas in the film were pretty preposterous, of course.  But I also found a number of smaller serious concerns: if the “air pocket” regularly heats up to 200 degrees F, how does it sustain a large biosphere of diverse organisms?  And where are all the other mid-size prey animals for the giant carnivorous plants and T-Rexes to feed on?
  • Vernians are people who believe that Jules Verne wasn’t writing Science Fiction, but science fact.  These are not a fictional group concocted for the sake of the movie, but real people, with a website.  Delusional people, but real, apparently.
  • Stupidest moment?  When they find an old abandoned mine with creaky, rusty old mine cars that they happily hop into and careen nearly to their deaths.  Really?  Sigh.
  • And at the end of the movie they imply that there’s some serious writing being done based on the journey, but they brought back, um, ZERO pieces of evidence.  Yeah, they’re gonna get published on that.
  • Oh, and did I mention that these giant underground caves are well lit by, um, they don’t say.  But they’re well lit.  Sunny, even.

Not worth watching.  Just watch Indiana Jones or National Treasure (which at least has a goofy charm this movie misses).

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