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The dark underbelly of choral groups

These folks like to sing.

These folks like to sing.

So we’re about a month into Glee now, and I’m still trying to figure out what the show is supposed to be.  As a comedy, the show works very well.  It juxtaposes the expected with the unexpected and has lots of hilarity.  Jane Lynch is enough, in her two or three minutes of screen time, to make the whole show worth watching, but there’s lots more.   But it’s also really dark, with people violating their own core principles regularly.  Sure, they redeem themselves usually, but the redemptive moments at the ends of the episodes don’t compare to the kinds of ethical mutilations they’re undergoing regularly.

There are also some very sinister characters.  Will’s wife, a character meant to be funny, seems utterly horrible to me.  And unlike someone openly evil like, say, the Devil in Reaper, Will doesn’t see her for what she is.  And the conflict she causes brings genuine sadness to the whole show. The same goes for main character Finn and his manipulative evil girlfriend.

So far, the show seems like a less overtly sinister Blue Velvet, with the mask of cheery singing — and cheery resolutions to many of the season’s thorny episodes — hiding the seething underbelly of moral decrepitude and degeneracy.

But I enjoy the show quite a bit.

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