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{ Monthly Archives } November 2009

Music, Ahoy

Pirate Radio When I was a kid, we would occasionally have nights when my mom was extra tired or in a hurry or just wanted a simple meal, and we’d have apple slices and cheese for dinner.  It tasted really good and was actually pretty healthy.  But it wasn’t a complex flavor, just something you […]

2009-11-29 Tweets

Gratifiying note from a sysadmin: "Thanks for your general competence and for making my job easier." # "It is very hard, almost impossible, to say I will pass on the hope and go with what we know is true." – Dr. James Laidler # Powered by Twitter Tools

The Dumbest Generation

How the Digital Age Stupifies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future by Mark Bauerlein It seems apt to write a post about Bauerlein’s book the day after I reflect on Avery’s burgeoning digital talent.  I’m going to characterize the book in a couple sets of bullets — things I think the book says, things I […]

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Avery recently learned to use the remote.  She’s been building up to it for a while now, able to turn off the television by pushing the red button at the top.  Finn knows to point the remote at the television too.  It’s appalling and cute at the same time. But just recently, Jenny was busy […]

Turkey Day

Highlights from my Thanksgiving. When the State Street parade in Chicago started 45 minutes late, I scowled inwardly at the poor planning that left me with a three-year-old moaning “I wanna go home!”  Twenty minutes later, as a two-story Paddington Bear drifts by, she shouts from atop my shoulders, “This is Coo-ool, Daddy!” I’m always […]

ScreamFree Parenting

The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool by Hal Edward Runkel I’m generally a calm guy.  I don’t usually rant and rave or scream.  But I also have a three-year old at home, a little person who has perfected the art of pushing my buttons and who can, with a few […]

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A great article about Autism

The Chicago Tribune has started a watchdog series on autism and the quackery deployed to “treat” the disease and bilk people of their savings to do so.  The first article, a big one in last Sunday’s paper, is a solid example of good autism writing.  The reporters spend time on the controversy, cover both sides […]

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Big City Bad Blood

by Sean Chercover I started this book two months ago when my book club read it, but wasn’t able to attend the meeting and so put it down after 40 pages or so.  Something about the book didn’t work for me.  Never one to give up easily on a book, I picked it back up […]

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2009-11-22 Tweets

You can't prevent bad ideas from being heard, but you can shed light on them and make them look foolish. – Russell Glasser (among others) # There was a piece of bacon on the sidewalk today. Bacon. Cooked, crispy. Looked delicious. What a waste. # Powered by Twitter Tools

The Undead

Zombie Anthology Edited by D.L. Snell and Elijah Hall This collection of zombie stories has quite a few interesting entries, with some a bit afield of the usual zombie story, but overall much tighter to the genre than the collection I read last year, The Living Dead.  We will be using this anthology in my […]

Godwin’s Law

I left my office last Friday to head home.  I armed myself against the outside world with my Shure ear-plug headphones and my librivox copy of Great Expectations. As Pip and I approached the corner across from the library, I saw a semi-circle of folks standing around a man lecturing.  It’s a popular corner–there’s usually […]

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Midnight Nation

by J. Michael Straczynski Wikipedia has a pretty good summary of the story, so I won’t bother here.  Straczynski crafts a religious tale about a man who battles demons over his soul.  Some thoughts: The story is okay, but the art got in the way for me — I don’t understand why a good story […]


Four people waiting to turn left

On my walk to work each morning, I usually pass a line of people waiting to turn left onto a busy street.  Today, I looked at the people in four of the cars: Bald, mid-thirties white guy with two-day beard and his finger buried in his nose.  Driving a gray Porsche or other care that […]

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Turned away

I thought you’d all be waiting to hear about the Zombie class waiting list.  In the end, I added four students to the roster, and had to turn away 15 who emailed me directly.  Who knows how many would have registered if their had been seats available.  Woo. As one student lamented in the subject […]

A Chosen Faith

An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism by John A Buehrens and Forrest Church My family has started attending the local Unitarian Universalist church in the last couple months and I’ve found it quite invigorating and interesting.  As part of the process, we took the “Introduction to UU” class and I bought a book about the religion.  […]