Zombies for Zombies

zombies for zombies
zombies for zombies

Advice and Etiquette for The Living Dead
by David P. Murphy

I got Zombies for Zombies as a Christmas gift and enjoyed it moderately.  Best read in short bursts, the book comes from a post-zombie apocalypse future in which some zombies (who make a strong effort early on) are able to keep roughly 30% of their brain function, allowing them to remain civilized.  The book focuses on people who have been bitten and are undergoing The Transition.  It’s chock full of advice about how to survive with as much brain function as possible.

Some thoughts:

  • It’s funny, but only mildly so.  As I said above, the book works best in short bursts because its humor is pretty steady–thus a sustained reading of a lot of it gets repetitive.
  • Murphy replicates the self-help genre perfectly.  The book is chock full of product placement and trademarked products for zombies.  The world implied by the descriptions (with things like “costs fewer stamps”) is a dark and creepy world.  In some ways, it’s a glimpse of what marketing people would do after the apocalypse–pretend that it hadn’t happened.
  • For the zombies who maintain brain function, the book spends a lot of time explaining their social lives and potential.  The chapters on zombie sex are just plain wrong.  WRONG.

Worth perusing, but I probably wouldn’t recommend buying it.  Zen of Zombie is funnier and probably less expensive.

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