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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

Faith, Reason, and Doubt

Terry Gross Fresh Air interviews I suppose this isn’t a book, but it feels like an audiobook.  I got this collection from our local library because I’m often thinking about the relationships between the subjects here.  The interviews are interesting and enlightening, though I can’t say that I found myself persuaded at all. And neither […]

The Titanic and the Californian

  by Thomas B. Williams One of the more interesting aspects of the whole Titanic legend is the scapegoating of Walter Stanley Lord, the captain of the Californian.  Despite pretty contradictory evidence and shaky witnesses, Captain Lord was castigated as a negligent jerk who could have saved the 1500 people who went into the water, […]

Is that a tentacle by the window?

A Shoggoth on the Roof For my birthday the year before last, Andrew gave me a copy of the cast album for A Shoggoth on the Roof, a Lovecraftian parody of A Fiddler on the Roof which apparently has never (or VERY rarely) been performed because of the threats of legal action.  Ironically, since parody […]

Wednesday Caption Contest

I’m starting a new weekly thing, now that I’ve scanned all these old timey German magazine images.  Here’s an image that you should supply a caption for.  GO!

What do you call your sister-in-law’s cat?

Is it my cat in law?  Anyhow, check out this vid by my sister-in-law’s husband: [youtube:]

Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection

by Don Ruff and illustrated by Chris Lane Jenny came home last week with a new zombie book for me.  She said she considered it the “me” equivalent of flowers.  Isn’t that nice?  Zombies is crafted as a journal that a scientist/birder keeps during his time trying to survive a food-additive-driven (perhaps) zombie outbreak.  He […]

Is that Groucho?

I’ve been scanning and uploading images from an old book a friend loaned me.  It’s a German humor magazine chock full of public domain pictures.  Delightful stuff (except for the racist images).  But the picture below caught my attention because it looks a little bit like Groucho Marx is standing around in the background. Check […]

This Week’s Tweets

21 July: writing log: fiction, 550 words 20 July: The E-Dead essay finished and emailed. Good? it’s done. Bad? 20 days late. 19 July: Good get your hackles up music: Carl Orff’s “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi – O Fortuna” 18 July: Congrats to Sky Wang, a CCC student, whose short film won ‘best of show’ from […]

We’re doing something right

On the way home from the pool the other day, a couple days before we’re going to go camping with our friends Michelle and Christopher and their daughter Jordan: Avery: I love you, Daddy. Me: Well, thank you, Avery.  I love you too. Avery: I love you, Mommy. And I love Finn.  And I love […]

The Titanic “Conspiracy”

Cover-ups and Mysteries of the World’s Most Famous Sea Disaster by Robin Gardiner and Dan Van Der Vat This book has a comprehensive set of allegations and “mysteries” that aren’t answered by the various inquiries into the sinking of the ship, which were essentially white-washings of the event designed to blame nobodies and to leave […]

I Love You, Man

I’d heard a little about this “bromance” before, but hadn’t sought it out.  It’s a funny movie, with an amusing set of characters and funny situations.  A few thoughts: The Jason Segel character is a little uneven — he’s  a strange mix of likeable and utter dislikeability.  Likeable: honest and forthright and funny.  Dislikeable: doesn’t […]

Veeps: Profiles in Insignificance

by Bill Kelter & Wayne Shellabarger I added this book to my Amazon wishlist after it got a very positive review on BoingBoing, and it turned up in my birthday gift pile.  Veeps provides a short, pithy bio of each Veep, along with relevant facts about the administration he worked for and why he’s worth […]

The Last Cop Out

The title of this one is particularly striking.  The Last Cop Out.  I haven’t read it.  Do you think it means “The Last Police Officer to Leave” or “The Last Evasion of Responsibility”? Plus, the purple prose on the back is hilarious: an orgy of blistering destruction.

Garden update

It’s been SUPER hot here.  We’re doing our best to keep the plants robust, but they’re tired tired tired. The peas are done, so we’ve pulled them out.  I think we’ll pull out the vertical nets too, till the soil, and plant a second round of lettuce. We had a nice set of green peppers […]

The Girl Who Played with Fire

by Stieg Larsson The second book in Larsson’s Millennium trilogy continues the adventures of Blomkvist and Salander, following threads that began in the first book.  A few thoughts about the book: I’ve read much (and agree with the ambivalence other people express) about how Larsson’s book shows and revels in a lot of the violence […]