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{ Monthly Archives } August 2010

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (tv this time)

There are, apparently, debates among hardcore Douglas Adams fans about whether the book or the BBC Radio version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the definitive version.  I’m sure no one tries to make the case for the television series.  That said, it’s not terrible for early 80s British SF.  Some thoughts: I […]

On capital L literature.

I’ll admit that I’m envious of people who can read and dissect Literature with the wide-vocabulary and witty allusions that an English Ph.D. usually implies.  The epitome of this kind of erudite dissection is, for me, Jonathan Goodwin, who regularly writes reviews of books and films that I find both inscrutable and make me monstrously […]

This week’s tweet

26 August: The editors left in my use of the phrase “Victors Frankenstein” for unethical scientists. Yay. [ generic viagra free shipping | cost of cialis | buy viagra online | book buy guest sign viagra | purchase cialis next day delivery | discount cialis | online viagra | viagra selling points in pakistan | […]

Recipe for an awesome Saturday

Ingredients: Dad and two kids, aged 2 and 4.5 years. Preparation: Heat to 76F or so.  Will continue up to the mid-80s. Gather directions and head out in the car around 9:30. Travel to local Children’s Museum for fun with water tables and air compressors.  Enjoy childlike glee.  Note: Be sure your diaper bag has […]

The new year looms

Fall semester 2010 looms and I’m looking forward to it.  Here are my commitments: Teaching: Writing, Language, and Culture: Alternate Reality Games.  The students are going to make and execute one.  It should be awesome.  More about that next week. Teaching: Literary Genres: Detective Fiction.  I’ve taught this before, but I’m twisting it around a […]

The Other Guys

Ultimately, I enjoyed The Other Guys quite a bit, but as with many Will Farrell movies, it’s a bit uneven.  Some thoughts: When the funny parts are working, they work great. Farrell gets the best moments, of course.  Watch for the argument about Lion versus Tuna and for the traditional Irish singing ’round the pub. […]

Wednesday Caption Contest

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It’s rock n’ roll, baby

The Beatles Rock Band Our friends Rolfe and Sarah from Seattle visited this weekend, and we busted out The Beatles Rock Band for the first time.  Some initial thoughts: Two marathon sessions (over an hour each) leave my legs hurting, for some reason.  I think I stand leaning slightly forward when I play the rock […]

My life according to books I read in 2009

Via Lazy Thoughts from a Boomer and Pop Culture Nerd before him.  It looks like it started 10 jumps back from that at Crazy Book Slut. Using only books you have read this year (2009), cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Describe Yourself: […]

2010-08-22 Tweets

15 Aug: This American Life used music from Miracle on 34th Street in their re-run last week. 17 Aug: writing log: edited story, sent revised draft to readers again. Powered by Twitter Tools [ viagra online stores | viagra and lisinopril | cialis soft | how long does viagra last | search herbal viagra | […]

A Pilgrimmage to Awesome

I thoroughly enjoyed Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  The film’s eponymous shy hipster, the standard Michael Cera character, finds himself pursuing a love affair with a young woman whose exes have formed an evil league to defeat him.  The battles with the exes are shot in Street Fighter style, with lots of videogame signifiers that […]

On revealing exposition and inspiration, also an invitation.

So I’ve been trying my hand at some short-story writing this summer, and it’s not going too badly, if I do say so.  We’ll see how it goes when I start sending the stories out to accumulate some rejection letters.  But a couple thoughts: On revealing exposition.  The stories I’ve been working on are SF […]

A Cold Day in Paradise

by Steve Hamilton It seems like every year, someone from my mystery reading group submits a wintery book for us to read in the dog days of summer.  This year it was Steve Hamilton’s A Cold Day in Paradise, a solid detective story about murder in the U.P.  The novel follows the travails of Alex […]

Wednesday Caption Contest

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Wilhelm drives

In the CARS dream sequence when McQueen is thinking about the movie that Blue Lightning will be in, one of the people he shoots explodes and utters the Wilhelm scream. Also, it’s only my second time watching the movie, so I can be forgiven for only now noticing that the Cart Talk guys provide the […]