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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

Future Diary, vol 1

by Sakae Esuno I don’t read very much manga (which Google informs me is correctly pronounced mon – guh ), but every now and again I’ll pick up something that looks interesting.  This means that I’ve read: Akira, Vol 1, several volumes of The Blade of the Immortal, and volume 1 of Full Metal Alchemist.  […]

Murder by Proxy

Talking to the world

We went to the zoo last weekend and Avery decided our route, regularly consulting the zoo map and leading us on a much longer walk than we usually go.  At one point, we went into the Lizard/Bird house to look at, well, lizards and birds.  Avery and Finn found a lizard from the American southwest […]

I Am Legend

by Richard Matheson; Adapted for comics by Steve Niles and Elman Brown I’ve read Matheson’s novel, of course, and seen the strange and unaccountably different Will Smith movie, but I’d been eyeing this comic for a while anyhow.  So when it was suddenly available on the shelf at my library, I figured it was kismet. […]

2010-09-26 Tweets

There are a lot of cool things in this world, but "print directly to the xerox machine" is pretty damn awesome. # The correct pronunciation is "mahn-guh". # Goddamn anti-vaxxers. 9 babies dead from whooping cough this year. http://is.gd/fmUvs # An important video for our time @boingboing http://is.gd/fnjcq # Powered by Twitter Tools

Quick bullets on a lovely wedding

I attended the wedding of an old friend this weekend and it was just lovely.  Some quick thoughts: On the way to the wedding, my mother and I gave one of the two officiating ministers (this one a priest) a ride.  As we approached the church, he pulled out his collar, which was mounted to […]


Come see me and some other folks on 29 September.

The Mao Case

by Qiu Xiaolong The Mao Case relates another adventure of Chief Inspector Chen, an inspector in the modern Shanghai police force.  It does a great job of helping explain the complex dynamics of a society trying to be both capitalist and communist at the same time.  The mystery involves a young woman whose grandmother had […]

In which a horror icon notices me

I’ve really made it now.   I got not one, but two mentions on Svengoolie’s blog: Zombies Got a Class Support your local Zombie education!!!

The Corpse Came Calling

Urban Camping

Last weekend we went camping on a softball field as part of Forest Park’s village campout.  It was a fun little excursion.  We set up our smaller tent (a “four person” Coleman) along with fifteen or so other families in the softball fields of our village’s park district.  The gray sky and cool air weren’t […]

The Unincorporated Man

by Dani & Eytan Kollin The Unincorporated Man is a Sleeper Wakes kind of tale about a cryogenically frozen man who is awakened 300 years later by a new sort of world society that has oodles of nanotech and where everyone is incorporated.  I mean to say each person is incorporated, and they buy and […]

2010-09-19 Tweets

Interesting discussion of games as art vs. games as entertainment: http://is.gd/f8r6O # Lunch: leftover AWESOME pasta salad. Yay. # Svengoolie mentioned my class on his blog. Woot. http://www.wciu.com/svengoolie.php?section=blog&assetID=10003437&message=commentthanks # Want to try Netflix free for a month? email me. # Why does shepherd only have two Es instead of three? # Powered by Twitter Tools


So I’m using a new scanner now and boy is it slick.  My old one was attached to a Dell all-in-one printer and it worked okay except that it was pretty slow, it was huge (since it was a printer too), and the supporting software was junk.  Allright, not junk, but what you get when […]


This movie was nothing like the novel by Sapphire.  Very disappointed. Okay, I’ve got that out of the way. I remember when Push came out, I thought it looked like the movie Heroes wished it had been.  It’s grittier and meaner than Heroes, but also has a narrower plot arc as one could expect from […]