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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

On Snitching

We live in an urban neighborhood, close enough to Chicago to ride the El (instead of the commuter trains).  It’s a great place to live but, like all dense spaces, crime is a bigger problem than in the country.  In the four years we’ve lived in our house, we’ve had one crime happen to us […]

New Camera

So I got a Canon Rebel T1i a couple weeks ago and have been playing with it quite a bit.  Lots of fun, lots to do with it, lots of ways to feel incompetent.  A few quick thoughts: Boy, having a camera like this makes you want to take a lot of pictures.  An obnoxious […]

2010-11-28 Tweets

Never expected to say to my kid: do not chew your toes! # So rainy. # Harry potter theme is going to be in my head all day today # Rainy and dark walk home. Grim but pretty. # New phrase to me, holus-bolus: "All together; entirely; without modification," example: to accept a story holus-bolus.Try […]

Better Every Year

The Annual Miracle on 34th Street Post. I tried counting a number of things this year: Men, in multi-scene speaking roles, without mustaches: Gimbel, Judge Harper, his Political Advisor, and our hero lawyer, Fred Gailey.  Mr. Shellhammer sports a John Waters, and almost everyone else has at least a little cookie-duster. Men wearing bow-ties: two […]

A Season for the Dead

A Season for the Deadby David Hewson A Season for the Dead tells the story of a series of horrific murders staged around Rome and the woman who seems to be at the center of them.  We follow vigorous young Police Detective Nic Costa as he pursues the crimes and the criminal right to the […]

Ten Little Zombies

Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story by Andy Rash This cute little picture book tells a love story involving zombies and nursery rhymes.  We first bought it without really reading it, thinking it would be a cute way to give Avery something with zombies in it.  But the art is a little gruesome for a […]


Quick notes on Thanksgiving: I’m thankful for the warmth and joy of spending time with my family.  The extended family celebration included eighteen people, including my two kids and one more (my cousin’s son).  The plentiful options for dessert and the yummy yams are always my favorite.  Or are they sweet potatoes? The drive to […]

I, the Jury

Another Harry movie

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1 It’s no secret that I’m a Harry Potter geek.  I’m not a fanatic, but a geek for sure.  So of course, we had to see the movie on opening weekend.  If you haven’t read the book or seen the other movies, I’m waving you off now, as […]

On weekends, writing ahead, and a likely coming blog brown-out

One of my tricks for blogging daily is to write ahead.  I’m usually four or five days ahead, so that if I have a busy day, I’m not stuck without content and you ravenous readers aren’t stuck wondering about my thoughts on this book, that movie, or miscellaneous whatnot that drifts across my transom.  It […]

2010-11-21 Tweets

Clancy has a great post on "knowledge transfer" # Keen SW posters on boingboing @boingboing # Finally figured out how to use two calendars on my phone. # Kinda afraid for this evening, as my Continuum character has drifted into "Lost Cause" territory and may end up splattered across time. # Avery is […]

The Crazies

The Crazies(1973) One of the borderline sub-genres of the zombie sub-genre (does that make this a sub-sub-genre?) is what might be called the “crazy” zombie.  While many purists might argue that Romero’s 1973 bio-terrorism scare flick The Crazies isn’t a zombie movie, my more promiscuous definition certainly allows that it could be.  If I let […]

Just Dance 2

A student loaned me Just Dance 2 for a couple weeks and boy was it a hit around my house.  A few thoughts: The game is pretty fun, but the controllers are either not sensitive enough or too sensitive to work properly, IMO.  On some movements, I find myself very capable of matching the speed […]

Dead Set

DEAD SET Dead Set follows a fast-zombie, 28 Days Later-style zombie outbreak in the UK that happens to coincide with elimination day on Big Brother, a show that seems to be much more popular there than it is here (perhaps because of the surveillance state the British government has been instituting over the course of […]

The Big Kill