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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010

Year in Review: Blog’s Eye View of 2010

The first sentence blogged each month. January: One of the gifts I got for Christmas is a “Utility Towel” with 42 on it. February: I received this book as a Christmas gift last year and have been a bit hesitant to dive in, since it looked a bit dry. March: Mattheson tells the story of […]

Year in Review: Music

In some ways, this is the hardest of my review posts for me to write.  I tend to listen to music in the background and let it filter into my consciousness subtly.  Then, later, I make mix CDs and other silliness to get it off my computer and into other venues (like my car or […]

From the Department of WTF?!

I  live in a house built in 1924.  We bought it in 2006 from a family that had owned it since 1951.  At some point in those years, they finished the basement with linoleum and put in a wet bar.  As part of our continuing project of updating and renovating the house, we’ve now ripped […]

Year in Review: Blog traffic

Some rundown of stats for the last year.  If you read this blog by RSS feed, please glance below! Overall, my traffic continues to climb very slowly.  Since I don’t really DO anything to promote more traffic other than tying my social networking accounts to one another, this isn’t surprising.  I AM surprised by the […]

The Crying of Lot 49

7 bullets from holiday break

Struggles with Comcast continue.  After two site visits to get the cable upgraded, the internet connection is S L O W, so I need to call back and figure out what’s going on.  I already replaced my wireless router (which was getting futzy anyhow) and the usb link to my desktop pc.  That journey begins […]

Year in Review: Blog Posts

I guess this presumes I don’t have much magic left  for the next week, but there it is.  Here are my favorite twelve blog posts from the year.  I zipped through the list of posts and reviewed the twenty five or so that seemed like they were probably extra awesome.  Some of these clearly wouldn’t […]

2010-12-26 Tweets

go Al!: # Rediscovering the baby-holding dance w/ my 10-week-old niece. # Excellent line from Community: "If farts are fair game, so is God." # Overheard between Jenny and one of the kids: "get your foot out of daddy's glove, right now!" Ahh, the witching hour. # Have you heard CTD's creepy Jingle Bells? […]

’tis the Season

Whether you celebrate or not, whether you believe or not, here’s hoping you had the opportunity to make merry a little bit.  Wishing your family the best, from mine.

Badass Santa

We watched Elf the other night (the third or fourth time this year that I’ve begun the movie and only the first time I’ve made it all the way through).  It occurred to me that the Santa in this movie isn’t so crunchy or sweet as other Santas.  So I’ve compiled a list of all […]

Year in Review: Films

I try to write a bit about each film I watch.  Below are a few of my favorite films from this year. Book What I said then My thoughts now Scott Pilgrim vs. the World …My favorite part of the movie is the non-metaphorical nature of the fights.  I read one review that described the […]

Run if you Can / The Devil’s Punchbowl

What would YOU do?

Problem: Internet connection in my office has gotten futsy — not consistent, keeps reconnecting, much lower bandwidth than the rest of the house. Possible causes: – wireless adapter on my computer – router is old (6 years) – Comcast internet might be sketchy Factors to consider: – wireless on my laptop in my office is […]

The 39 Steps

The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan I’ve seen Hitchcock’s film version of this text, and I enjoyed the Broadway adaptation of the film quite a bit, so I was pretty interested to see what the original text looks like.  It’s okay, with fast pacing and a strong narrative voice.  The book focuses almost entirely on […]

Year in Review: Nonfiction

The top five nonfiction books I read this year. Book What I said then My thoughts now The Big Short …Anybody who’s blaming individual homeowners for this mess should be smacked upside the head.  While the homeowners certainly got themselves in over their heads, they weren’t the ones making stupid loans to begin with.  When […]