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Year in Review: Blog’s Eye View of 2010

The first sentence blogged each month.

photo by AL_hikesAZ

photo by AL_hikesAZ

January: One of the gifts I got for Christmas is a “Utility Towel” with 42 on it.

February: I received this book as a Christmas gift last year and have been a bit hesitant to dive in, since it looked a bit dry.

March: Mattheson tells the story of Tom Wallace, a regular guy living in a normal suburban neighborhood.

April: I’ve read this novel before, of course, but I reread it in the week before PCA since I built my presentation on it.

May Walking toward the train, effete British accents of a radio play murmuring in my ears, I walked by a mini-van with a middle aged black woman in the passenger seat, on her mobile phone, looking aggrieved.

June: Bones was fine this season, with a bit of a strange season wrap-up — almost as though it was a series finale.

July: 2001-2002: After watching a bunch of those home-improvement shows, we painted some (now) hilarious boxes in a weird pattern on the wall.

August: July 26 – Writing log today: 1300 words, fiction. Story done.

September: Please supply a caption for the image below.

October: When I was visiting Minnesota last week, I checked out three graphic novels from the local library and buzzed through them.

November: Lots of Halloween fun this year.

December: It feels like I had almost too much music again this month.

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