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{ Monthly Archives } January 2011

The Living Dead 2

The Living Dead 2 edited by John Joseph Adams I used this anthology in my Zombies in Popular Media class* this semester, to great acclaim.  The story collection has 44 original zombie stories from a variety of notable writers.  It’s pretty great.  Like the last collection, there’s a mix of different kinds of zombie stories […]

Turbo Tax has a sense of humor

Check out the friendly little message just below the deduction.

2011-01-30 Tweets

"Little Lion Man" from Mumford & Sons kicks all kinds of ass. Why aren't you listening to it RIGHT NOW? # Finn is ready to come out of his room. Through the monitor, I'm hearing "AWOOOOO AWOOOO ahhhhWOOOOO!" # Just updated my Blackberry–now a whole new interface to get used to. # @TravisCharon bwa ha […]

IT Crowd, series 4

Have you been watching The IT Crowd?  If not, why not?  It’s one of the best geek friendly britcoms I’ve seen.  Every series has been great, and this one is no exception (though the final ep. didn’t have the awesomeness that some of the previous seasons have had).  Series four is more of the same: […]


Blindspot by Kevin C. Pyle Pyle’s semi-autobiographical graphic novel tells the story about how a boy who was sort-of a loner came to see the value of his family and their life.  It’s a nice read. A few quick thoughts: Pyle does a great job capturing the vigor of young imagination.  I remember these kinds […]


Pontypool If you enjoy zombie films and you haven’t seen Pontypool, move it to the top of your queue.  The film tells the story of a strange outbreak of violence in the eponymous town in northern Ontario.  All the action takes place inside the radio station that serves the town, relying on the old Shakespearean […]

From A to : Keywords of Markup

From A to <A>: Keywords of Markup, eds Bradley Dilger and Jeff Rice Looking for that great Valentine’s day gift for an academic in your life?  Look no further than this collection of essays about HTML, writing, and culture.  Note, especially, chapter 5: “Style guide to the secrets of <style>” by yours truly. That is […]

Dance with the Dead

Snapshots of traffic police in Chicago

I don’t envy the job of traffic police in Chicago.  People drive fast, they ignore signals, they honk, they text, they act like idiots.  And your job is to stand there in the middle of the street and make them drive more sensibly.  Yikes.  That said, I’ve also seen a couple things that were alternately […]

In Pursuit of Other Interests

In Pursuit of Other Interests by Jim Kokoris In Pursuit of Other Interests isn’t the sort of book I’d normally choose to read. The novel follows a difficult few months in the life of Charlie Barker, a manic workaholic who gets fired from his position at the head of a big ad agency in Chicago […]

Tu Sherlock den Angel

I just got a copy of the Vietnamese translation of my essay that appeared in the Journal of Popular Culture in 2009.  Wowsers.  If you want a copy, drop me an email.  (I’m happy to send a copy in English too, if that’s your preferred mode of reading.)

2011-01-23 Tweets

An hour @ the bookstore then lunch and a movie. Love day dates with my lady. # Avery: Daddy! Look what I'm doing: I'm covering my ears like a taco. # Fourth viewing of [REC], fourth time getting the heebie jeebies from it. # Sacrilarious! # Playing LAST NIGHT ON EARTH w/ my zombie […]

Google Alerts brings a dose of death and sexism

I guess the downside to having an eponymous Google Alert is that you occasionally get stuff about other people who share your name.  In this case, instead of the usual football or soccer reports (my younger namesakes seem to be very sporty!), I got an obit.  It’s a little off-putting, but since he seems to […]

A very Zombie Christmas

I realized that I forgot to mention these two lovely zombie books I got for Christmas this year.  They’re both delightful! The Zombie Night Before Christmas by H. Parker Kelley An amusing romp through Clement C. Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas” with a zombie twist.  Essentially, Santa visits a house infected with zombies and, […]

Young Sherlock Holmes

I first saw this movie once or twice as a child, probably as a video rental.  I doubt that I saw it in the theaters.  But I didn’t remember it much at all, except as being something I was fond of.  Sigh. Young Sherlock Holmes tells the story of the real first meeting of Holmes […]