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{ Monthly Archives } March 2011


I have quite a few Internet sites that I follow for humor.  Here are my favorites: Not Always Right – funny customer service stories Regretsy – awful crud filtered from handicrafts website etsy Failblog – people falling down and typos, mostly Lowering the Bar – amusing tales from the legal world xkcd – legendary geek […]

Murder Takes No Holiday

Spring Break

So we’re taking a Spring break.  We’ll be driving North for some of it (where the beaches look like this, really!), and in town for some of it.  But either way, I’m not going to be blogging.  So on the days when I don’t have automated posts (Wed and Sun), I’ve pre-prepared posts about some […]

The igNobel Prizes 2

The IgNobel Prizes 2: An all-new collection of the world’s unlikeliest research, by Marc Abrahams The ignobel prizes are a parody of the Nobel prizes, awarded to researchers whose work makes us laugh first, and perhaps ponder the world a little differently second.  The book is a nice sampler, one we kept as a bathroom […]

2011-03-27 Tweets

Dammit! It's snowing. # I just saw a CFP for a Spenser Roundtable at a 16th century conference. It would be funny to present a paper on the iconic Robert Parker PI # the kids are watching PONYO, a really trippy japanese movie whose english translation features, I think, #liamneeson and #bettywhite # #kohlschildrensmuseum the […]

Driveway moments?

NPR’s More Funniest Driveway Moments Driveway moments are supposed to be news stories that keep you in your car, listening with rapt attention, instead of going in to your home.  Too good to turn off.  I checked out the “More Funniest” driveway moments from my local library and found that I’d heard 25% of them […]

Red Leaves

Red Leaves, by Thomas H. Cook Cook, most famous for his novel The Chatham School Affair, writes grim one-shots that look at murder through blood-colored lenses.  Red Leaves tells the story of Eric Moore, a photo-shop owner who finds his family embroiled in the case of a young girl who went missing from her bedroom […]

On Sick Kids

Finn has been sick the last couple days, with a stomach bug that’s kept him pretty lethargic.  He seems to be coming out of it, still tired but eating today (and not barfing).  It occurred to me to write up a few short words about parenting young kids (and the illnesses they get): If you […]

Call for Michael Shayne

Boy that Andre is talkative

My Dinner with Andre, starring Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory (1981) My Dinner with Andre is a famous independent film about two theater people having dinner at a fancy restaurant. Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory play themselves (kind of) having a chat about the life of the theater, art, death, living and so on. A […]

The Atrocity Archives

The Atrocity Archives, by Charles Stross Collecting the first two novellas in Stross’ successful “Laundry” series, The Atrocity Archives follows the early adventures of Bob Howard, operative in Britain’s secret occult investigation squad.  The storyworld turns on the premise that ancient magics function like high-end physics, allowing practitioners to open gates to other universes that, […]

2011-03-20 Tweets

Hey Chicagolanders! Today's groupon is a $24/2 tickets at Circle theater in Oak Park. http://gr.pn/hOJwdr # There is something compulsive about a telephone. The gadget-ridden man of our age loves it, loathes it, and is afraid of it… # But he always treats it with respect, even when he is drunk. The telephone is a […]

I Know I Am a Touch of Frost, But what Are You?

Double Review: I Know I Am, But What Are You? written and narrated by Samantha Bee and A Touch of Frost, season 1 from BBC television (1993) Samantha Bee’s humor memoir recounts, David Sedaris style, many humorous events in the life of everyone’s favorite sarcastic Daily Show reporter.  There are creepy tales of romance gone […]

Random mid-March bullets

Staying on Sabbatical schedule has been HARD in the last couple weeks.  I’m back on task, but you’ll notice I’ve stopped posting my word counts out of shame.  Sigh. Finally the weather in Chicago is climbing a bit.  The kids have actually gone outside this week, drawing on the sidewalk in chalk and a visit […]

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, Starring Ed Helms, John. C. Reilly, Anne Heche, Isiah Witlock Jr. When small-town insurance superstar Roger Lemke (long e at the end) dies in a tragic “accident,” Tom Lippe (another long e) gets the tap to move up to the big leagues, and take the agency’s presentation for the prestigious “two diamonds” award […]