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{ Monthly Archives } May 2011

Johannes Cabal, the Necromancer

Johannes Cabal, the Necromancer by Jonathan L. Howard What do you do if, as an up-and-coming Necromancer, you sold your soul to the devil only to discover that being soul-less throws off the reliability of your investigations into mysteries both scientific and occult?  You make a wager with Satan to get it back, of course.  […]

Marple: Cutie or Ghoul?

I’ve seen quite a few Miss Marple mysteries over the years and I usually enjoy them.  So when we stumbled upon a 1980 Marple movie starring Angela Lansbury, how could we pass it up?  A few thoughts about the movie, and then a bit more about Marples in general: We’ve seen The Mirror Crack’d in […]

2011-05-29 Tweets

Wicked cool outdoor nature art. Looks like a giant dutch milkmaid discarded her hat. #mortonarb #natureunframed # #mortonarb Looking for tadpoles and praying the kids don't fall in the water (didn't bring a change of clothes). #parentingwithoutanet # Avery hung a picture on the inside of her door using a bit of "silly pilly" (silly […]

The strange conundrum of well-educated Anti-Vaxxers

I’ve blogged before about the anti-vaccination movement, that strange trend in modern America for upper and upper-middle class people to reject the biggest medical advance in human history (except, perhaps, washing hands) over unfounded and unproven risk claims.  The history of the movement is long and varied, but its recent incarnation stems from Andrew Wakefield’s […]

Murder in Mykonos

by Jeffrey Siger Siger’s first novel in the Inspector Kaldis series follows our intrepid detective as he wrestles with the challenges of policing a tourist island against thievery and corruption.  Before he even gets settled in the job, an itinerant worker discovers an horrific murder, and before you can say “Opa!” we’re chasing a serial […]

Where will you be June 11th?

Will you be shambling around the city with an horde of the undead?  If not, why not? 2009: For the last two years, I’ve joined the Zombie March Chicago in their annual excursion, and I will be doing so again this coming year.  If you’re planning to go and want to meet up, drop me […]

Never Kill a Client

Computers and Writing 2011

Good summaries abound on the web, but I thought I’d turn in my thoughts as well. The venue: Congrats to the folks at the University of Michigan Sweetland Writing Center for their excellent organizing and venue choice.  The panel rooms were great and the dorms were fine.  The union center worked okay, but the audio […]

The House that Dripped the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The House That Dripped Blood and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice These two films aren’t really related, but that’s the whole idea of the double-review, no? The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is another in the John Turtletaub/ Nic Cage conspiracy to flood the market with enjoyable pablum of no lasting effect or interest.  While I enjoy National Treasure for […]

2011-05-22 Tweets

@dancpharmd now you need to rent #flight of-the-conchords and your life will be complete. in reply to dancpharmd # @radiokatd I am not in right now, but could do a skype or phone interview between 23:30 and 1am my time. It's 18:50 right now. in reply to radiokatd # @radiokatd very good. Have fun! in […]

Are Blogs Dead?

My three minutes from the excellent roundtable discussion at Computers and Writing 2011 session e13 this morning.  Here you go: I’ve seen the best ideas of my presentation offered by scholars smarter than I.  Consider this a coda or an echo to the conversations that have come before. I’ve kept a blog since November of […]

Bones of the Earth

Bones of the Earth by Michael Swanwick What would happen if we discovered time travel and gave it only to paleontologists to use to study dinosaurs? This book explores that question quite thoroughly.  Here are some of its answers: Creationists would get all in a tizzy and try to sabotage the work.  This doesn’t seem […]

The Mysterious Traveler

Starring Maurice Tarplin and others The Mysterious Traveler is an anthology radio show from the 1950s that centers around the creepy tales told by some dude who sits next to you on the train.  He tells tales of the murderous, the macabre, and the mysterious, and you enjoy them.  A few thoughts: Tarplin’s narrator has […]

The Homicidal Virgin


It’s been a while since I’ve been to church somewhere other than our Unitarian Universalist church.  I went to a Methodist church last weekend for my niece’s baptism, and my brother-in-law delivered the message (he’s the director of youth services at the church).  It was a good sermon, with plenty of humor and a solid […]