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2011-05-08 Tweets

  • Avery is singing "Go now in Peace" at the top of her voice. #cuteandannoyingatthesametime #
  • Just after church, weather's great. By the time we get to @mortonarboretum the sky is overcast and the wind is chilly. #nature #switcheroo #
  • Dear two-year old: please stop being so flippin' grumpy. #
  • Cut myself on our back gate and we didn't have any band-aids, so fahioned one from gauze and clear packing tape. #ghetto #
  • The news is important, but I feel pretty ambiguous about the celebrating in the street: Bin Laden killed by US forces. #
  • Strangely, Chicago Tribune noted that NYT was claiming BinLaden's body had been buried at sea; then they say it hasn't. #
  • A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. #gameofthrones #tyrionrules #
  • I find the fleet of minivans that arrive at the Y at 9am and again at 11:30 for toddler class really funny. #
  • This just in: four pound Dachschund puppies are not dangerous. #
  • 80's flashback: watching #HarryandtheHendersons via Netflix streaming with the kids. #
  • So the children now heard the phrase "Oh shit." Dear #netflix should #HarryandtheHendersons really be labeled for 5-7 year olds? #
  • #HarryandtheHendersons Avery: he's like my brother because he copies everything they do. #
  • #HarryandtheHendersons switching to curious george 2; the other movie is too scary. #
  • @northcentralILuni harry potter event for kids. Makes me want to be 10. #
  • @neuroflora when we moved to Chicago from Florida, we had 50 small moving boxes of books. It's got to be dble that now. in reply to neuroflora #
  • @JMeredithA Watching it myself tonight: watching The House That Dripped Blood starring Christopher Lee. in reply to JMeredithA #
  • @JMeredithA It's pretty darn creepy so far. in reply to JMeredithA #
  • 1970's version of keeping people from driving drunk: hold up their empty whiskey glass and say "You take care." #TheHouseThatDrippedBlood #
  • Note to self: Don't rent a house from someone named Stoker. #TheHouseThatDrippedBlood #
  • Quiet little girls with Thousand Yard Stares are flippin' CREEPY! Who would have thought #ChristopherLee would be the less creepy one? #
  • Best line of TrueBlood ssn3 so far: "not if I got wooden bullets." #

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