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{ Monthly Archives } June 2011

When a story demands to be more

I’ve got two stories that have been brewing for a while and two more that have moved into the editing stage and mouldered.  I’m considering trying to combine the two brewing stories into one, and also considering whether the newer one should expand up into a longer story, like a novella. Some things I’m thinking […]

San Francisco Movie Roundup: Vol 2 CANCELLED

O that he were here to write me down an ass! But masters, remember that I am an ass: though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass. – Much Ado About Nothing We had intended to watch at least four San Francisco movies before our trip, but I managed […]

Marked for Murder

San Francisco Movie Roundup: Vol 1

Editor’s note: In honor of our author’s trip to San Francisco, we’ll be featuring a couple double reviews of movies that take place in the city on the Bay.  Enjoy. vs. In this corner, we have an underrated Mike Myers comedy that shows off the hipster parts of town and Myers’ skills with a Scottish […]

True Blood, Season 3

Jenny and I watched True Blood: Season 3 in May, preparing for the new season to start. The combination of True Blood: Season 4 and Game of Thrones were enough to lure us into at least a six-month subscription.  TB season 3 is pretty awesome.  I’m posting a review here in honor of Season 4, […]

2011-06-26 Tweets

2102 words today. HOT DOG! # Big storm ripped through tonight, tipped over the deck table and snapped the umbrella. Note to self: put umbrella down for storms. Sigh # If I'm interested in how @rogerwhitson is studying the hash tag #mediastudies is that media studies? # Amusing drive-by-comment just appeared on my 2008 blog […]

Unfamiliar Fishes

Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell Once again, Vowell tells the tale of a fraught moment in American history with the wry wink we’ve come to expect, weaving small details about the individuals involved into the larger narrative arc she’s drawing.  Unfamiliar Fishes tells the story of the American missionaries in Hawaii who, after two generations, […]

Thank you very much, ma’am.

Peter Falk died today.  In his role as Columbo, he played one of my favorite characters of all time.  His charm, wit, and empathy made the many, many stories he told in that show shine.  A few of my favorite moments from the show: I love the empathetic moment he shared with Johnny Cash at […]

Monks + Snow: Frostbite, and the Inquisition

In the Name of the Rose and Whiteout Sean Connery stars in what the filmmakers somewhat pretentiously call a “Palimpsest” of the Umberto Eco book, In the Name of the Rose.  The story follows the adventures of William of Baskerville and his ward Adso, played by Christian Slater with a wicked bowl cut, as they […]

Three cute Finn-isms

Three little Finn conversations, all from this morning: 1. Avery got up to watch cartoons and apparently Finn woke up as she did so.  He can’t open his door so he was banging on it when I arrive to liberate him. Finn: I was crying so I wanted Avery to come. Me: Why were you […]

What Really Happened

Affectations and Facebookery

I’m inclined to write about the Baader-Meinhoff syndrome a bit more.  Two threads through the internet and my mind: About a year ag0, I saw a video on youtube explaining that the proper way to open a banana is to pinch the non-handle end and peel from there.  You can find it if you search.  […]

Mrs. Columbo

As a bonus on one of the Columbo discs, the producers of the show included an episode of the short-lived show Mrs. Columbo, which purported to show the investigative life of Columbo’s ever-absent wife.  According to Wikipedia, the show was quickly rebranded with a different name, to keep the premise but ditch the link to […]

Quick thoughts on a lovely Father’s Day

This morning was great! We went out to breakfast at the Harrison Street Cafe and then met Jenny’s sister, mom, and our niece Ella for a nice walk around the Brookfield Zoo.  Fun was had by all. The afternoon was a bit more rocky, with the kids getting a little wild as the day went […]

2011-06-19 Tweets

Sunday at Pirate's Cove children's amusement park. Awesome and a half. # Dora rules our house now. When one of the kids tries to take something that belongs to the other, they shout "Swiper, no swiping!" # Word count: 1368. Booyah. # Turns out book collections are like a gas in an enclosed space, they […]