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2011-07-24 Tweets

  • Have you ever noticed that most 409 scam emails propose illegal transactions? Usually they offer to give you a cut of stolen money. #
  • Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto tonight at House of Blues. #
  • On Judge Dredd: Dianne Lane hilariously young, Sly hilariously croak-voiced, plot hilariously similar to Demolition Man. #
  • Four hours mucking around in yesterday's heat installing window air conditioner in my office: I'm chillin in low 80s rather than mid-90s. #
  • The kind of thing you only hear hollered in households with small children: "Who played with the toilet paper?!" #
  • So you were born, and that's a good day; someday you'll die, and that's a shame. Somewhere in the between is the life of which we all dream. #
  • Twitquiz: name two productions featuring BOTH Angela Lansbury and Jerry Orbach. (No Googling, you damn, dirty, cheaters.) #
  • Watching IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA 1955. Harry Harryhausen octopus totally badass. Also, plot was reused in Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus. #
  • IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA also includes an attack on the Golden Gate bridge. Giant octopus for the win. #
  • Oops, it's Ray, not Harry. #

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