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What’s REALLY going on

"Occupy Wall Street" by Neil Girling, used under CC-license

"Occupy Wall Street" by Neil Girling, used under CC-license

Charles Stross hits on the real reason the Occupy Wall Street protests are being closed down.

… Congressional representatives are immune from some insider trading regulations. And point #3 is the smoking gun. If running for election in the US Federal government requires vast expenditure, then attaining such office grants one access to a mechanism for earning vast amounts of money by means which are illegal for the rest of us.

It’s no wonder that the DHS coordinated the Occupy camp clearances earlier this month: OWS had become a direct threat to the personal prosperity of the members of the House homeland security subcommittee (to whom DHS is answerable). If allowed to gather momentum and turn into an independent third party, why, OWS might actually put an end to the corruption. Certainly they’re pointing at the right targets … (link)

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