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{ Monthly Archives } December 2011

Year in Review: Blog’s Eye View

The first sentence blogged each month of 2011. January: I’m not big on resolutions. February: Geoff Klock’s current project seeks to document all the allusions, proposed and real, in Kill Bill. March: Harry Dresden, wizard, sees no end to his troubles. April: Aside from Humor sites, I also regularly check a number of amusing commentary […]

The Manual of Detection (3rd time)

by Jedediah Berry Having just read The Manual of Detection for the third time in eighteen months, I don’t have a lot new to say about it.  I re-read it again because my Literary Genres: Detective Fiction students are currently hard at work on their final projects, in which they explore the novel in the […]

Marketing flameout

Have you been following the Ocean Marketing thing?  Here’s the very quick re-cap: Someone ordered some videogame controllers from a company in early November.  When they hadn’t arrived by Mid-December, they emailed the company asking about them. The customer service rep was a total jerk. The customer got irritated and brought Penny Arcade into the […]

Year in Review: Blog Traffic

It’s always interesting to look at what brings people to my site.  As with last year, my home page came in as the third-most visited page, which was nice because my home page doesn’t get visitors from image search engines.  That said, my overall traffic average was up this year, but my stats in the […]

And then, when you’ve grown up big and strong, you can wear a hat with a lopsided brim, like me

From The Santa Claus Annual

What Technology Wants

Kevin Kelly’s nonfiction treatise explores the question of what we should make of the seemingly-independent course the technological apparatus around us charts daily. This apparatus, which Kelly calls the technium, both depends on and guides us, and our ability, or inability, to ignore its treasures goes only so far as we’re willing to become Amish in some way (even the Amish adopt new technologies, it turns out).

Year in Review: Blog Posts

Each year I post a list of my 12 favorite posts from the year, in chronological order.  I generally exclude review posts, but one might make the cut, I suppose. It’s Not Sexist cuz I’m winking and nudging – brief meditation on sexism and racism in humor, using Tosh.0 as an example. Selecting a Sherlock […]

2011-12-25 Tweets

Note to self, best vocab for put-down of doofus on the Internet: bumptious. http://t.co/oiYfX4th # This just in: mozilla's Firefox Sync function kicks ass. # 'Round our house, the grown ups find "A Charlie Brown Christmas" a bit treacly for our taste. Strangely, the younger set adores it. # Santa gave Avery a copy of […]

Enjoy your holidays… if you can

There’s a little girl that wants a house like yours, and her mom is dating Santa’s roommate.  This Christmas season, Edmund Gwynn stars in Home for the Holidays: A Tale of Christmas Terror. What are you talking about, Brendan? (See the last bullet point — ed.)

Year in Review: Comics

For the first time in a long time, I read a lot of comics this year.  Looking at my goodreads reading list for 2011, I read 44 graphic novels or trade paperbacks this year.  Admittedly, 13 of those were The Walking Dead, which I read for an article I was writing, but the huge volume […]

Memes, Evolution, etc

A few random thoughts on the idea of memes as I’ve encountered them. Evolution Late in The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins suggests that perhaps the locus of human evolution at present is not in our DNA, but in the extra survival information we’ve developed and learned to transmit societally.  It’s not unreasonable to see the […]

Year in Review: Music

Another in my slew of review posts.  This one surveys the last year’s music posts and picks out a few songs that have stuck with me.  Keep in mind that “of the year” refers to its role in MY musical collection, not the year in which it was released. Check them out: Overplayed song of […]

Have a Gibbering, Manic Holiday

Last year’s Lovecraftian take on “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”  Perhaps you can read this version to your family and friends this holiday season. Twas the Night Before Christmas by Norm Sherman Distributed under a CC-Attribution-Sharealike-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license from the good and clever folks at The Drabblecast.

I’m not sure who Danpappa Dear is, but he creeps me out.

From The Santa Claus Annual

Miracle and Other Christmas Stories

By Connie Willis “Miracle and Other Christmas Stories” collects a variety of yuletide tales from SF and Fantasy author Connie Willis.  There are a variety of delightful tales in the book, and it’s well worth reading.  Nothing stands out as amazing to me, but several are very good.  Thoughts about a couple of them: My […]